Loop Fly Lines

Having bought these three different lines, I have been trying them out! When I’ve been able to get out!
The first one is the Xact Floating WF4 in a lovely Moss Green colour, I dislike white or any bright coloured lines for general trout fishing in rivers, this is now my standard river trout line.

As the head is only 8.5m this loads the rod very quickly, which is great for tight river fishing, but is delicate enough for stealthy fishing!

The next is the Loop Evotec 100 Floating WF6 which I use for estuary fishing for bass and mullet, it is also used for small stillwaters and reservoir fishing.

This line with its 10m head cast a long distance with ease and is a joy to use!

The last line is the Evotec 85 Floating WF7, this is my sea trout line so I don’t mind it being white as this helps at night to locate the line, I do have very good night vision and find I can see the line if there is any light in the night sky.

This line like the Xact has a 8.5m head which helps load the rod quickly both on back casts and the more usual roll cast on our wooded rivers.

Three different lines for three different situations, it pays to pick your lines to match the fishing as well as your rod.

For details of all the Loop Lines available in stock visit Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK.

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