Vision Renfors Salmon Reel

Vision pays tribute to their Finnish heritage with the new Renfors Salmon Reel

In this reel Vision have managed to combine modern technology with the classical look you find from a top of the range vintage reel!

The Renfors reel is just as at home with an old cane rod as it is with a top-of-the-line modern carbon rod. Its antique grey matt finish together with the large number of holes, widening towards the outer rim gives it a classical look. When you pull the line out of the reel, the loud clicking sound from the ratchet will bring back lots of memories at least for the older anglers. But do not let the look or the sound fool you. Inside is a first-class brake package well capable of stopping that-fish-of-a-lifetime in due time. This reel has truly a winning combination of old-age looks and modern technology. Salmon, seatrout and steelhead around the world, beware, Vision Renfors reels have arrived.

•Classic looks
•Antique grey colour
•Brass parts
•Japanese made custom one way bearing
•Hand finished two-tone hard anodizing
•Precision machined bar stock high-grade aluminium
•Smooth and strong Carbon / stainless steel disc brake
•Classical looking wooden handle
•Available in two sizes Renfors 3 (#7-9) and Renfors 4 (#9-11)

Vision Reels are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK


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