Pike on the Fly

I had to smile when I saw Dominic Garnetts’ article in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying “Esox in the city”. I walk the river Exe in Exeter every day and have seen most fish from bream to trout and salmon, but I had never seen any pike, I also had the privilege of seeing two otters working the opposite bank to Dominic in the main picture one summers evening.
I shall be out there myself this winter instead of the canal, although I will still try the canal basin where access is possible as this contains some very big perch.
If you are thinking of taking up fly fishing for pike and perch this winter, here are a few suggestions for tackle and flies.

Loop Pike Booster Fly Rod – 8’8″ 9wt 3pc

Loop Pike Booster RodIf big toothy critters is the name of your game, the Loop Pike Booster is the rod for you. With a deep progressive action the Pike Booster Fly Rod delivers big flies as easy as nothing. A handle in a cork/rubber mix gives you a steady grip and we ensure that you will come out on top. Style and attitude included.

Redington Predator Fly Rods

Ideal choice for anglers searching for a rod to help deliver large flies in tough conditions. Great rod for when casting under trees and in tight banks. Also an ideal rod for kayaks, canoes or pontoons.

Redington Preditor Fly Rods• Powerful, fast action.
• 4-piece configuration.
• Natural clear coat blank with silver trim & rust thread wraps.
• Premium Toray Graphite.
• AAA Portuguese Cork.
• Anodized machined aluminium reel seat.
• Machined hidden hook keepers at reel seat.
• Alignment dots on all models.
• Length/weight designation on every ferrule.
• Black Cordura®

Redington Predator 8’3″ #9 4pc Fly Rod Handle A
RedingtonPredator 8’3″ #10 4pc Fly Rod Handle B

Vision Big Daddy Fly Rods

Big Daddy rods are a great choice for casting big, air resistant flies.
Vision Big Daddy Fly Rods

Their powerful medium fast action is forgiving and pleasant when casting but they also have brutal power for fighting monster size pike. As four piece rods they are easy to pack when you’re traveling.
These 9 foot rods are made for line weights #8 (recommended head weight 19g),
#9 (recommended head weight 21g) and #10 (recommended head weight 23g).
These rods are not recommended for conservative anglers because of their bold colour.
Big Daddy 9’0″ #8 4pc  •  Big Daddy 9’0″ #9 4pc  •  Big Daddy 9’0″ #10 4pc

Turrall Stupid Boy Pike FliesWe also stock a wide range of Pike Flies such as Turrall Stupid Boy Pike Flies
These new Premium Pike flies are all tied with Turralls new Faux Fox material. This material holds its shape really well and gives a perfect taper to the fly.

For the those of you who tie flies we have a range of hooks suitable for Pike Flies such as:-

Partridge Aberdeen Hook

Partridge Cs43Bn Pike HookPartridge Cs86

Partridge Pike Hook Cs45

Partridge Aberdeen Perfect, Pike Cs43Bn, Predator Cs86, Pike Cs45Bn.

And a huge range of materials including:-

Eumer Arctic Fox Tail PiecesEumer Arctic Fox Tail
& Finn Raccoon Body



Stonfo Metallic EyesStonfo metallic eyes


Funky Real EyesFunky Real Eyes Plus Dumbbells

These are super high quality and just the job for adding weight to your flies. Solid Brass dumbbell with yellow or red resin eyes.
Eyes installed by the manufacturer, and guaranteed never to pop out. Holographic adhesive lure eyes.

John Wilson Unhooking MatIf you are lucky enough to land a pike on the fly, you will also need a John Wilson Wanderer Specialist Unhooking Mat.
Measuring only 12″ x 19″ but opening out to a generous 36″ x 19″, this mat is made from the same strong material as the quiver and wallet. A wipe clean interior surface coupled with lightweight padding make this one of the most sensible mats around.