Last Chance Fly Fishing Gifts

If your stuck and don’t know what to get them, Here are a few Ideas For Christmas Gifts for Fly Fishers. The sort of thing I would like to get :-).

Fish Friendly Revive ScalesRevive Electronic Fishing Scales

Revive Scales 1 or 2 handedThe Revive Fishing Scale, from the USA, is designed to promote a fish friendly release process.
Weigh your fish without ever handling it. Weigh it in your net or a bucket with water in it to keep the fish healthy. Just tare (zero) the scale with your net or bucket attached and place the fish in it, and in a mere second the scale will beep and give you an accurate weight. Fits inside one hand or can be lifted with both hands for bigger fish up to 100 lbs. Water resistant. Available here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Stonefly Dubbing Machine with Charles JardineStonefly Speed Dubbin Machine

This will speed up your fly tying no end. The speed dubbin machine has been designed to spin dubbing brushes simply and speedily using all types of materials. The speed dubbing machine comes complete with an instructional video by Charles Jardine. Available at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Richard Wheatley Standard Lanyard 127cmWheatley Standard Lanyard

Simple but effective, one for the minimalist or keep it in the car with your rod just in case opportunity strikes. 127 cm long. Built to the exacting high standards that makes Richard Wheatley products sought the world over. Their lanyards are both elegant and affordable.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Richard Wheatley Deluxe Tippet DispenserWheatley Deluxe Tippet Dispenser & Fly Patch

A deluxe tippet dispenser from Richard Wheatley that features both an Easy Slot foam fly patch to hold the crucial selection of flies when you need them, as well as a pin-on retractor for your nippers. Magnetic strip for convenient storage of flies. Pin-on system on back.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

RW Deluxe Lanyard, Tippet Dispenser and LanyardWheatley Deluxe Lanyard

If the two items above inspired you the why not look at combining them with the Deluxe Lanyard, the same 127 cm length, but the Tippet Despenser is added to the Lanyard, both are built to the same high standards that makes a Richard Wheatley a brand that is recognised all over the world. Their lanyards well designed and practical.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

RW Fly Box Pouch for 6" fly boxWheatley Fly Box Pouch

This pouch is designed to be held in the lanyard between two clips, so you can have the fly selection to hand both where and when you need it. Alternatively, you can attach it to your belt or waders using the loops on the back.
Made to accommodate 6″ size Richard Wheatley aluminium boxes and medium size Comp-Lite and Water-Tite boxes. (The Water-Tite box shown is for illustration purposes only and not included with the pouch). Made from smart, tough nylon with velcro fastening flap.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

RW Bottle Holder lanyard and clipWheatley Bottle Holder

Many of us carry our water bottles in outside pockets, this will stop them being lost, falling in the river, or other mishaps that always happen. Available as a simple adjustable loop that is placed around the neck of the bottle and adjust, then clip to any handy point.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

RW Standard Horizontal Tippet DispenserWheatley Standard Horizontal Tippet Dispenser

A tippet dispenser with a fixed length stacker, capable of holding five spools of standard 50mm tippet material. Complete with spring-loaded aluminium fish shape clip for attachment to your jacket or vest.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

RW Magnetic Net Release ClipWheatley Magnetic Clip Net Holder – 45 X 20mm

This is the strongest clip we have come across,
a super powerful magnetic clip net holder, absolutely ideal for carrying your net on your back ready for easy release. Holds net securely for up to 10 lbs of pull. Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK


Snowbee Simple Line WinderSnowbee Line Winder

This is a godsend if you are loading new line or backing, no more asking the other half or a small child to hold things and worrying about attention spans.
A simple aluminium line winder with a suction cup base, which will attach firmly to any smooth,
flat surface. The long main shaft allows even bulk spools of monofilament to be spooled and the spring-loaded retainer allows line tension adjustment.
Simple, easy, single-handed spooling of any type of line or backing, without the need for pencils, toes or door-handles. Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

For these and many more ideas visit our website at or phone us for inspiration, we are all fish.

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