Brodin Nets

Brodin Premium Landing NetsPremium Brodin Nets

The finest handcrafted fly fishing nets made of durable, light 4-ply plantation Cocobolo wood bow and a
hand-shaped handle, rubbed to a beautiful finish.
The net’s soft nylon mesh gently cradles fish. French clip easily attaches our net to your fly fishing vest.
Nets have the same rubber mesh system used by most state fish and wildlife departments for safe handling of fish during stream population surveys.

Brodin Catch & Release NetsBrodin Catch & Release Ghost Net

Weighs less and protects fish better than any other competitive net. Easy to use, durable, and snag-free, our new nets weigh about one-third the weight of competing nets for less hassle. Perfect for making travel weight limits. Exclusive moulded rubber protects the fish’s important slime layer.
Plus, it won’t snag flies or tangle dropper rigs.
Handle and bow crafted of genuine teak.

Brodin Ghost Frying Pan NetBrodin Ghost Landing Net Range

This is Brodin’s biggest seller, the net is patented,
the fish-friendly Ghost netbag is light in weight
(around 4oz).
It almost disappears in water and will not snag flies. The 4 Ply Teak frames are extremely durable around (and in!) water with the added benefit that it is plantation grown.

Brodin Pro Steelhead NetBrodin Pro Landing Net Range

Utilising the same 4 ply Teak frames as the Ghost series, Brodin Pro nets are fitted with a high quality soft nylon net bag.

Brodin Streambase Gallatin NetBrodin Streambase Landing Net Range

Using the same craftsmanship and experience, Streambase nets have 3 ply construction, Chiricano handles and carry the same high quality netbag as the Pro Series.


The full range of Brodin Landing Nets is available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

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