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We are having a Redington Stock Clearance Sale to make room for new stock.

Many current 2012 items at heavily discounted prices including Redington CPX Fly Rods, Crosswater, Palix River and Sonic Pro Waders and Wading Jackets .

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We are having a Vision Stock Clearance Sale to make room for new stock, includes discounted Salmon Rods, Fly Reels, Jackets, Reel Bags and more fantastic deals online.

Vision Siks Double Handed Fly Rods 10% OFF Whilst Stocks Last

Siks Double Handed Fly Rods

Vision Vector Jacket Green

Vector Jacket – Green 
20% OFF Whilst Stocks Last


Vector Jacket 30% OFF Whilst Stocks Last

Vector Jacket Grey



Vision XLA Hard Reel Large Arbour


Vision XLA
Hard Reel
15% OFF
Whilst Stocks Last


Vision Reel & Gear Case – Olive 25% OFFVision Reel & Gear Case Olive
Whilst Stocks Last


Vision Atom Jacket Black or OliveAtom Jacket 30% OFF Whilst Stocks Last



Catapult 115: Limited Edition £50 OFFVision GTfour 15' DH Limited Edition
Whilst Stocks Last

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Snowbee Sale Starts Today!

Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK’s Snowbee Stock Clearance Sale includes discounted Rods, Waders, Lines, Jackets, Boots and more fantastic deals online. HURRY!, this offer is time limited to make room for the new season’s stock.

20% OFF Whilst Stocks Last on Magic Line 2 & Fluoro-tec

SB Magic Line 2 Double StrengthSB Fluro-tec Fluorocarbon Line





30% OFF WHILST STOCKS LAST On Snowbee Diamond Rods
Granite Waders – Selected XSD Reels – Boat Jackets – Geo Wading Jackets


Snowbee Diamond 4-pc Fly RodSB Granite Neoprene Waders - Boot foot & Stocking footClassic Breathable Boat JacketSnowbee XSD Cartridge Fly Reel System 30% OFFSB Geo Wading Jacket











XS-Pro Wading Boots Studded Xstra-Grip Sole Discounted







These and many more bargains are available in the Snowbee Stock Clearance Sale also many other bargains are to be had in the Special Offers section at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Last Chance Fly Fishing Gifts

If your stuck and don’t know what to get them, Here are a few Ideas For Christmas Gifts for Fly Fishers. The sort of thing I would like to get :-).

Fish Friendly Revive ScalesRevive Electronic Fishing Scales

Revive Scales 1 or 2 handedThe Revive Fishing Scale, from the USA, is designed to promote a fish friendly release process.
Weigh your fish without ever handling it. Weigh it in your net or a bucket with water in it to keep the fish healthy. Just tare (zero) the scale with your net or bucket attached and place the fish in it, and in a mere second the scale will beep and give you an accurate weight. Fits inside one hand or can be lifted with both hands for bigger fish up to 100 lbs. Water resistant. Available here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Stonefly Dubbing Machine with Charles JardineStonefly Speed Dubbin Machine

This will speed up your fly tying no end. The speed dubbin machine has been designed to spin dubbing brushes simply and speedily using all types of materials. The speed dubbing machine comes complete with an instructional video by Charles Jardine. Available at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Richard Wheatley Standard Lanyard 127cmWheatley Standard Lanyard

Simple but effective, one for the minimalist or keep it in the car with your rod just in case opportunity strikes. 127 cm long. Built to the exacting high standards that makes Richard Wheatley products sought the world over. Their lanyards are both elegant and affordable.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Richard Wheatley Deluxe Tippet DispenserWheatley Deluxe Tippet Dispenser & Fly Patch

A deluxe tippet dispenser from Richard Wheatley that features both an Easy Slot foam fly patch to hold the crucial selection of flies when you need them, as well as a pin-on retractor for your nippers. Magnetic strip for convenient storage of flies. Pin-on system on back.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

RW Deluxe Lanyard, Tippet Dispenser and LanyardWheatley Deluxe Lanyard

If the two items above inspired you the why not look at combining them with the Deluxe Lanyard, the same 127 cm length, but the Tippet Despenser is added to the Lanyard, both are built to the same high standards that makes a Richard Wheatley a brand that is recognised all over the world. Their lanyards well designed and practical.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

RW Fly Box Pouch for 6" fly boxWheatley Fly Box Pouch

This pouch is designed to be held in the lanyard between two clips, so you can have the fly selection to hand both where and when you need it. Alternatively, you can attach it to your belt or waders using the loops on the back.
Made to accommodate 6″ size Richard Wheatley aluminium boxes and medium size Comp-Lite and Water-Tite boxes. (The Water-Tite box shown is for illustration purposes only and not included with the pouch). Made from smart, tough nylon with velcro fastening flap.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

RW Bottle Holder lanyard and clipWheatley Bottle Holder

Many of us carry our water bottles in outside pockets, this will stop them being lost, falling in the river, or other mishaps that always happen. Available as a simple adjustable loop that is placed around the neck of the bottle and adjust, then clip to any handy point.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

RW Standard Horizontal Tippet DispenserWheatley Standard Horizontal Tippet Dispenser

A tippet dispenser with a fixed length stacker, capable of holding five spools of standard 50mm tippet material. Complete with spring-loaded aluminium fish shape clip for attachment to your jacket or vest.
Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

RW Magnetic Net Release ClipWheatley Magnetic Clip Net Holder – 45 X 20mm

This is the strongest clip we have come across,
a super powerful magnetic clip net holder, absolutely ideal for carrying your net on your back ready for easy release. Holds net securely for up to 10 lbs of pull. Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK


Snowbee Simple Line WinderSnowbee Line Winder

This is a godsend if you are loading new line or backing, no more asking the other half or a small child to hold things and worrying about attention spans.
A simple aluminium line winder with a suction cup base, which will attach firmly to any smooth,
flat surface. The long main shaft allows even bulk spools of monofilament to be spooled and the spring-loaded retainer allows line tension adjustment.
Simple, easy, single-handed spooling of any type of line or backing, without the need for pencils, toes or door-handles. Available at here at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

For these and many more ideas visit our website at or phone us for inspiration, we are all fish.

Shakespeare Saltwater Rods

We have introduced the Shakespeare Agility Range to our collection of saltwater rods, these rods are have been specially designed for a number of purposes, each one finely tuned to suit that role. They are very reasonably priced and built to a high quality.

Shakespeare Agility 8ft 2pc Bass Plug Rod

Shakespeare Agility Bass Plug Rod

Ultra lightweight, slim diameter, 30-ton carbon blank and rated to cast 15 to 50g, this rod is capable of casting plugs to maximum range due to its medium fast taper action, with the tensile strength to fully work plugs effectively.
Hook a fish and the blank comes alive bending to the fish, with the power coming in low down to bully big fish away from snags.
• Zirconium Oxide Striper Guides (ZOG).
• Engraved aluminium reel seat.
• Medium/fast action perfect for lighter plugs.

Shakespeare Agility Sea Spinning Rods

Shakespeare Agility Sea Spinning Rod

Agility 10ft 2pc Sea Spin    •    Agility 9ft 2pc Sea Spin    •    Agility 8ft 2pc Sea Spin
The action of these Agility Sea Spin Rods have been designed to maximise casting distance with lures and plugs. The lower mid section and butt stiffen quickly to give both long-range casting ability and the power to fight big fish, such as Pollock, coalfish and bass.
• Slim carbon blank.
• Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG).
• Engraved aluminium reel seat.
• Strong double leg guides.
• Stunning dark blue satin matt blank finish.

Shakespeare Agility XPS 4pc Fly Rods

Shakespeare Agility XPS Fly Rods

XPS stands for Extra Power Special and as the name suggests these rods are designed with a fast and powerful blank action which is required when casting heavy lines and big flies. This power is also essential when targeting hard fighting predators in both freshwater and saltwater.
• Slim carbon blank.
• Zirconium Oxide Striper Guides (ZOG).
• Stainless steel single leg guides.
• Engraved aluminium reel seat.
• Fast action.
• Powerful and strong blank.
• Oversized guides.
• Full wells handle.

Shakespeare Agility Braid Boat Rod 8ft 2pc

Shakespeare Agility Braid Boat Rod

Designed specifically for use with non-stretch braid lines, this rod has a long tip, short butt, utilising a soft, supple tip and upper mid-section with power then coming in quickly in to a stiff butt.
Power Rating:- 20-30lb.

Shakespeare Agility Travel Boat Rod 8ft 4pc

Shakespeare Agility Travel Boat Rod

Agility Travel Boat 8ft 4pc is an equal section rod that fits inside most suitcases.
Its action is 20-30lbs, having a supple tip for a sporting action with smaller species,
but with power in the lower mid-section and butt to really work a big fish.
Ideal for general drift fishing and when general wreck fishing for cod and ling.

Shakespeare Agility Boat Rods

Shakespeare Agility Boat Rods

All these Agility Boat Rods are built from a high-grade carbon for lightness and a slim diameter.
• Slim high-grade carbon blank.
• Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG).
• Engraved aluminium reel seat.
• Hard-wearing and shaped EVA handle.
• Stunning dark blue satin matt blank finish.

Agility 12lb Class Boat Rod – 2pc. Featuring a supple tip, with power coming in quickly in the mid-section and butt, the 12lb class rod is ideal for working artificial sandeels and shads for offshore wreck and reef pollock, bass, cod and coalfish.

Agility 20lb Class Boat Rod – 2pc. The 20lb class version can target big rays, turbot and tope in deeper water, light wreck fishing for conger, ling and cod. It sports a supple tip for fun with smaller fish, but a fast transfer of power from the mid-section into the butt.

Agility 30lb Class Boat Rod – 2pc. The Agility 30lb class boat rod is designed for deep water, fast tides and big fish. It features a fast taper blank with real power in the lower
mid-section and butt to fully work big fish at depth.

Shakespeare Agility MPV Rod 10ft 3pc

Shakespeare Agility MPV Rod 10'

The Agility MPV 10ft 3pc rod is designed to be fully versatile for the angler needing just one rod to cover a multitude of opportunities.
A fast taper, but with a progressive transfer of power in the upper tip and mid-section allowing the rod to be used for float fishing from rocks and piers, and for spinning when after pollock, bass and mackerel. It also doubles up as a light ledger rod for surf and estuary work.
• Slim high-grade carbon blank.
• Zirconium Oxide Guide (ZOG).
• Engraved aluminium reel seat.
• EVA handle.
• Spigot joints.
• Stunning dark blue satin matt blank finish.
• Power Rating 2-4oz.

Shakespeare Agility Uptide Rod 9’6″ 2pc

Shakespeare Agility Uptide Rod 9' 6"

Rated to cast 5 to 10ozs, this Agility Uptide 9’6″ Rod is capable of casting heavy weights and big baits well away from the boat for summer rays, bass and tope, also for big winter cod. The supple tip sets over well in to the tide, but reacts quickly to drop back bites, and the rapid transfer of power in to the lower mid-section and butt gives the power to fight big fish back to the boat against a fast tide run.
• Slim carbon blank.
• Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG).
• Engraved aluminium reel seat.
• EVA handle.
• Spigot joints.
• Stunning dark blue satin matt blank finish.

Shakespeare Agility Flattie Rod 11’6″ 3pc

Shakespeare Agility Flattie Rod 11' 6"

A sporting rod featuring a progressive action with power low down, but with a supple tip to maximise the fun with smaller fish. Rated to cast 1 to 3ozs it can be used in estuaries for flounder, plaice and school bass, but also on surf beaches at close to medium range for flounder, bass, dabs and plaice.
• Slim high-grade carbon blank.
• Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG).
• Engraved aluminium reel seat.
• EVA handle.
• Spigot joints.
• Stunning dark blue satin matt blank finish.

Shakespeare Agility Bass Rod 11’6″ 3pc

Shakespeare Agility Bass Rod 11' 6"

A fast taper, lightweight blank designed to be held for long periods when feeling for bass bites. Its power flow offers a fast interpretation of a developing bite allowing the angler to react and strike quicker to achieve a higher hook up ratio. Rated 2 to 4ozs it can be used for all estuary, surf and rough ground bass situations.
• Slim high-grade carbon blank.
• Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG).
• Engraved aluminium reel seat.
• EVA handle.
• Spigot joints.
• Stunning dark blue satin matt blank finish.

Shakespeare Agility Travel Beach Rod 11’6″ 6pc

Shakespeare Agility Beach Travel Rod

Built for the travelling angler in 6 equal sections measuring 0.65 metres each, it fits in to most standard suitcases. This powerful, fast taper blank is rated to cast 4 to 8 ozs and has the power in the mid-section and butt to cover all UK and most overseas beach casting situations. Compatible with both fixed spool and multiplier reels.
• Slim carbon black.
• Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG).
• Engraved aluminium reel seat.
• EVA handle.
• Spigot joints.
• Stunning dark blue satin matt blank finish.

Shakespeare Agility MX Surf Rod 12’9″ 3pc

Shakespeare agility MX Surf Rod 12' 9"

Ideal for both clean and mixed rough ground fishing with multiplier reels, this 3 piece equal section, 12’9″, fast taper blank features a supple tip for bite detection, but with a powerful mid-section and butt to achieve maximum casting distance with all casting styles.
• Slim carbon blank.
• Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG).
• High grip shrink tube wrap.
• Power Rating 4-8oz

Shakespeare Agility FS Surf Rod 12’9″ 3pc

Shakespeare Agility FS Surf Rod 12' 9"

A powerful, 4 to 8oz rated, high carbon, lightweight, fast taper 12’9″ blank designed for use with fixed spool reels, yet it retains incredible bite detection, even at maximum range. The blank’s power flow allows for easy distance casting, but has the power in the lower mid-section and butt to bully big fish making the rod ideal for all medium to long-range beach and mixed rough ground fishing.
• Slim carbon blank.
• Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG).
• High grip shrink tube wrap.

Shakespeare Agility Long Surf Rod 15ft 3pc

Shakespeare Agility Long Surf Rod 15'

A 15′ lightweight, medium fast taper, high carbon blank offers excellent bite detection,
but is specifically designed with power in the mid-section and butt to achieve maximum casting distance with the easier overhead and off-the-ground casts.
Ideal for all clean and light rough ground fishing situations targeting everything from close range flatfish to long-range bass, cod and rays. Rated to cast 4-8 ozs, it is fitted with Zirconium rings, an engraved reel seat, shrink-wrap for maximum grip in all-weather conditions, and is supplied in three equal sections for ease of carrying.
• Slim carbon blank.
• Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG).
• Engraved aluminium reel seat.
• Glazed tip.
• High quality rod bag.
• Spigot joints
• Shrink wrap on key handle areas.

To purchase any or all of these outstanding Shakespeare Agility Saltwater Rods visit Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK


Fly Fishing Stocking Fillers

Here are three brilliant new gizmos from Smith Creek that will make great Stocking Fillers for Christmas, for the fisher person in your life. Designed originally for fly fishing, these three items would be useful for any fisher who fishes on the hoof.

Net Holster™ – Belt mounted landing net holder

The smart way to carry your net.Smith Creek Net Holster
Finally a way to carry your landing net without it getting in the way.
No more fumbling with a clip behind your back. Quick to draw.
Easy to holster.
Keeps your net secure and out-of-the-way. No more getting tangled in trees, trailing in the current,
or flipping in your face when you bend over.
Adjustable strap, fits all landing nets – big or small, wood or metal.


Smith Creek Net Holster green or blackCrafted in New Zealand using the finest materials.
Handmade to last a lifetime. Guide tested, and still using them … they wouldn’t give them back!

To purchase this great item visit Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK.

Smith Creek net holster any size




Finest quality workmanship and materials

Non-glare anodized aluminum

UV resistant materials

Trash Fish™ – Spent line wrangler™

Smith Creek Trash Fish

Easily coil and control waste leader and tipped materials, keeps mono from creeping out of your pocket and into the environment.
This is a serious, easy to use and well made tool.


Smith Creek Trash Fish 2

Eco Friendly – Keep our streams clean. Holds waste fishing line securely and out of the environment. Easy to use. Protect wildlife. Cut coils in half before disposing your line.
Rugged Smith Creek quality. Anodized marine grade aluminum and UV resistant materials.
To buy this great and environment friendly item visit Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK.

Rod Clip™ – Wearable fishing rod holster

Smith Creek Rod Clip

Smith Creek Rod Clip 2

Easy in, easy out, easy to use. Holds your rod securely out-of-the-way. Leaves your hands free. Your rod can’t accidentally knock free. Compact and Lightweight – you don’t know it’s there unless you are using it. Rugged Smith Creek quality anodized marine grade aluminum, and UV resistant materials. Highest Spec Zinger, custom-made for Smith Creek and tested over 50,000 pulls without failing. FREE YOUR HANDS TO CHANGE A FLY, SWAP LURES, BAIT UP OR SHOW OFF THAT TROPHY.

Smith Creek Rod Clip blueSmith Creel Rod Clip GreenKEEPS YOUR REEL OUT OF THE SAND, MUD AND SALT TOO
Designed for use with light to medium weight outfits up to: 1/2 inch (13mm) diameter and maximum weight of 1 ½ lbs. (.75 kg). Once you get used to using it, in less than one day of fishing, you can’t live without it. It’s a serious piece of gear that works.

If you want any of these for Christmas they are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK
The final dates for Christmas Deliveries are as follows:-
Standard Delivery:- Thursday 20th December
Next Day Delivery:- Saturday 22nd December


Pike on the Fly

I had to smile when I saw Dominic Garnetts’ article in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying “Esox in the city”. I walk the river Exe in Exeter every day and have seen most fish from bream to trout and salmon, but I had never seen any pike, I also had the privilege of seeing two otters working the opposite bank to Dominic in the main picture one summers evening.
I shall be out there myself this winter instead of the canal, although I will still try the canal basin where access is possible as this contains some very big perch.
If you are thinking of taking up fly fishing for pike and perch this winter, here are a few suggestions for tackle and flies.

Loop Pike Booster Fly Rod – 8’8″ 9wt 3pc

Loop Pike Booster RodIf big toothy critters is the name of your game, the Loop Pike Booster is the rod for you. With a deep progressive action the Pike Booster Fly Rod delivers big flies as easy as nothing. A handle in a cork/rubber mix gives you a steady grip and we ensure that you will come out on top. Style and attitude included.

Redington Predator Fly Rods

Ideal choice for anglers searching for a rod to help deliver large flies in tough conditions. Great rod for when casting under trees and in tight banks. Also an ideal rod for kayaks, canoes or pontoons.

Redington Preditor Fly Rods• Powerful, fast action.
• 4-piece configuration.
• Natural clear coat blank with silver trim & rust thread wraps.
• Premium Toray Graphite.
• AAA Portuguese Cork.
• Anodized machined aluminium reel seat.
• Machined hidden hook keepers at reel seat.
• Alignment dots on all models.
• Length/weight designation on every ferrule.
• Black Cordura®

Redington Predator 8’3″ #9 4pc Fly Rod Handle A
RedingtonPredator 8’3″ #10 4pc Fly Rod Handle B

Vision Big Daddy Fly Rods

Big Daddy rods are a great choice for casting big, air resistant flies.
Vision Big Daddy Fly Rods

Their powerful medium fast action is forgiving and pleasant when casting but they also have brutal power for fighting monster size pike. As four piece rods they are easy to pack when you’re traveling.
These 9 foot rods are made for line weights #8 (recommended head weight 19g),
#9 (recommended head weight 21g) and #10 (recommended head weight 23g).
These rods are not recommended for conservative anglers because of their bold colour.
Big Daddy 9’0″ #8 4pc  •  Big Daddy 9’0″ #9 4pc  •  Big Daddy 9’0″ #10 4pc

Turrall Stupid Boy Pike FliesWe also stock a wide range of Pike Flies such as Turrall Stupid Boy Pike Flies
These new Premium Pike flies are all tied with Turralls new Faux Fox material. This material holds its shape really well and gives a perfect taper to the fly.

For the those of you who tie flies we have a range of hooks suitable for Pike Flies such as:-

Partridge Aberdeen Hook

Partridge Cs43Bn Pike HookPartridge Cs86

Partridge Pike Hook Cs45

Partridge Aberdeen Perfect, Pike Cs43Bn, Predator Cs86, Pike Cs45Bn.

And a huge range of materials including:-

Eumer Arctic Fox Tail PiecesEumer Arctic Fox Tail
& Finn Raccoon Body



Stonfo Metallic EyesStonfo metallic eyes


Funky Real EyesFunky Real Eyes Plus Dumbbells

These are super high quality and just the job for adding weight to your flies. Solid Brass dumbbell with yellow or red resin eyes.
Eyes installed by the manufacturer, and guaranteed never to pop out. Holographic adhesive lure eyes.

John Wilson Unhooking MatIf you are lucky enough to land a pike on the fly, you will also need a John Wilson Wanderer Specialist Unhooking Mat.
Measuring only 12″ x 19″ but opening out to a generous 36″ x 19″, this mat is made from the same strong material as the quiver and wallet. A wipe clean interior surface coupled with lightweight padding make this one of the most sensible mats around.