Kennick Killers & UV Killer Fritz

Fly Fishing & Fly Tying have reviewed the Kennick Killer Flies from Turrall and also the Killer Fritz used to tie them. “In the water, that marabou tail gives this a seductive wiggle. The bead helps sink the fly, and by pushing the bead back from the eye this sinks a little flatter than a bead at the eye. A nicely tied fly, to be fished with confidence on most stillwaters.”
Turrall Kennick Killer 1Turrall Kennick Killer 2Turrall Kenick Killer 3Turrall Kennick Killer 4Turrall Kennick Killer 5Turrall Kennick Killer 6Also in this months issue is the Turrall UV Killer Fritz. “Look a little deeper into Turrall UV Killer Fritz and close to the core I can see a conventional fluffy chenille, pull back a little Turrall UV Killer Fritz ColoursTurrall UV Super Straggle Fritz Coloursand this is shot through with longer flashy ‘fritz’ fibres. Wrap this around a hook shank and it covers and fills very fast, forming a dense body.” “Using a UV torch I can see those fibres but they do not reflect terribly brightly.” Using a lot of UV materials in my fly dressing I have found that a very small amount works best, a bit like Fluorescent materials, just a hint works best. They also review the UV Straggle Fritz and the UV Super Straggle Fritz.

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