Super Reels from Abel

Abel Super Series Fly Reels

Abel have made Large Arbor reels since 1995.
During those years they have developed the perfect ratio of arbor (hub) size to the overall spool. Too big a hub and there’s not enough backing capacity; too small and you’ve defeated the purpose of a large arbor spool.
Abel drag systems are made from the finest Portuguese cork. The cork compresses and serves as a brake. They don’t use materials used in airplane brakes because they’re not stopping airplanes! Their drag systems are second to none. Just service the cork occasionally with a little Neat’s-foot oil.
Abel have vintage reels at lodges and camps in Alaska, Lees Ferry, Mexico and Belize used as rentals and loaners that are 16 and 17 years old. That tells you something about proper maintenance, and the durability of these reels.

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