Rapala Filleting Knives

The well known Rapala Filleting Knives from Finland are extremely sharp and most of them come with a sharpener.

RapalaEz Glide Filleting Knife

Rapala Delux Falcon Fillet KnifeRapala Soft Grip Fillet KnifeRapala Fish 'n' Fillet Knife

Rapala Presentation Fillet Knife








Rapala Finn Thinn Filleting Knife

Ez Glide 7″ Filleting Knife Razor Sharp Handground Stainless Steel.
Deluxe Falcon Fillet with built-in fine grade ceramic-sticks sharpener.
Soft Grip Fillet Knives 10cm and 19 cm include a single-stage sharpener.
Fish ‘n’ Fillet Knives 10cm and 19 cm include a single-stage sharpener.
Presentation Fillet Knives complete with black tooled oxhide sheath.
Rapala Finn Thinn Fillet Knife includes a single-stage sharpener.

Rapala Products are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

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