Snowbee Filleting Knives etc.

There is a wide range of Snowbee Filleting Knives and Accessories as you would expect from one Britains leading Game Tackle Companies.

Snowbee Filleting GloveSnowbee Pakka KnifeSnowbee Knife SharpenerSnowbee Bait Knife






Snowbee PP Filleting KnifeSnowbee Folding Filleting KnifeSnowbee Filleting Glove
Snowbee 7″ Pakka Filleting Knife
Snowbee Knife Sharpener
Snowbee Bait/Gutting Knife
Snowbee 7″ PP Filleting Knife
Snowbee 6″ Folding Filleting Knife

Snowbee Products are available from
Fly Fishing Tackle Co Uk

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