Abu Fishing Lures

We now have a wide range of ABU Spinners and Plugs in stock. Choose from our wide range of Abu Fishing Lures, the right lures to suit your fishing, including Reflex Spinners, Toby Spoons, Salmo Seekers, Pike Spoons, Droppens, Zeppos, Fast Attacks, Abu Minnows, Rauto Spoons, Tormentors, Hi-Los, Snifflers, Rocket Lipless, Rocket Poppers and Abu assorted lure kits and lure packs.

ABU Drippen Spinners

ABU Pike SpoonABU Reflex Spinners




Droppen Spinners             Pike Spoons                      Reflex Spinners

ABU Salmon Seekers & Fast AttackOriginal ABU Toby LuresABU Zeppo Spoons




Salmo Seekers                  Toby Lures                        Zeppo Spoons

ABU Hi-Lo PlugsABU Jointed Tormentor PlugsABU Rocket Lipless Plugs




Hi-Lo Plugs                        Jointed Tormentors          Rocket Lipless

ABU Rocket Popper PlugsABU Rocket Sniffler Plugs




Rocket Poppers                Rocket Snifflers

To see the full range with all the colour and size choices go to ABU Lures at
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