Stream side losses

Streamworks ForcepsIt happens about once every other season, there I am on the river/stream catching fish, release one with my forceps, clip them back onto my jacket/vest and move on upstream. Having traveled a fair distance to the next rising fish, the river having changed over the winter, pools blown out, weed beds gone, I hook another fish, after a good tussle it’s in the net – reach for the forceps and they are not there! I like to unhook my fish without touching them, usually in the river or as in this case a 18″ feisty Brown in the net. Still using barbless hooks it’s not too difficult. Now I know I clipped my forceps to my vest securely, past experience has made me wary, but they still disappear, went back downstream no sign of them, sometimes I think there must be a forceps fairy! The biggest problem is which ones to choose when I go into the shop tomorrow – there is so many!

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