Bass Fishing

Three of us went Bass Fishing in North Devon on Saturday and had a tremendous day. To start with we were a bit worried that the estuary would still be coloured after all the rain, but although there was still some colour in the water, you could see your boots when you were knee deep! Best of all the Bass could see the flies. I had the first fish on my third cast and soon all three of us were catching.

Between the three of us we were using a variety of tackle, rods by Snowbee and Orvis, reels by Vision and Orvis, lines by Loop and flies by Turrell, Fulling Mill and me!

We fished the tide down and then the first few hours of the flood, all of us soon lost count of the number of fish we were catching and many times we would all have fish on. Most of the fish were in the 10 to 12″ range with the biggest at 14″ with some tiddlers.

With all fish released, we made the long walk back to the car park and agreed that it had been a splendid day and that a swift half on the way home was in order!

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