Loon UV Fly Finish

Tying up Saltwater or Pike Flies? Then at some point you will need a UV varnish or be prepared to wait 5 mins for your epoxy to harden. With the Loon UV Fly Finish it hardens in seconds in direct sunlight or with the aid of the Loon UV Torch.

Loon UV Fly Finish Clear Thin and StandardLoon Outdoors UV Fly Finish
Use it to stick eyes on, as a head cement or as a shrimp back, in fact it has numerous uses. Build up fly heads and bodies, instantly cures in UV light, bottle includes needle tip for precision placement.
Comes in Loon Ultra Violet TorchStandard or Thin.

Loon Outdoors UV Torch
Will set Loon UV Fly Finish, Loon UV Knot Sense and the Loon Wader Patch, which makes invaluable for the travelling fly-fisher who ties flies!

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Loop Cross S1 & Pike

The Loop Cross S1 Rods are not just for trout and salmon in fresh water, a Loop Cross S1 Rod matched with a Loop Reel, the right line and a big fly makes the ultimate kit for Big Pike as the video shows!

Loop Pikemania

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Kennick Killers & UV Killer Fritz

Fly Fishing & Fly Tying have reviewed the Kennick Killer Flies from Turrall and also the Killer Fritz used to tie them. “In the water, that marabou tail gives this a seductive wiggle. The bead helps sink the fly, and by pushing the bead back from the eye this sinks a little flatter than a bead at the eye. A nicely tied fly, to be fished with confidence on most stillwaters.”
Turrall Kennick Killer 1Turrall Kennick Killer 2Turrall Kenick Killer 3Turrall Kennick Killer 4Turrall Kennick Killer 5Turrall Kennick Killer 6Also in this months issue is the Turrall UV Killer Fritz. “Look a little deeper into Turrall UV Killer Fritz and close to the core I can see a conventional fluffy chenille, pull back a little Turrall UV Killer Fritz ColoursTurrall UV Super Straggle Fritz Coloursand this is shot through with longer flashy ‘fritz’ fibres. Wrap this around a hook shank and it covers and fills very fast, forming a dense body.” “Using a UV torch I can see those fibres but they do not reflect terribly brightly.” Using a lot of UV materials in my fly dressing I have found that a very small amount works best, a bit like Fluorescent materials, just a hint works best. They also review the UV Straggle Fritz and the UV Super Straggle Fritz.

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Snowbee Fly Selections

Snowbee River Fly SelectionsSnowbee Saltwater & Predator SelectionsSnowbee have added some new packs to the Snowbee Fly Selection range, these provide the fly angler a proven selection of flies to cover either destination fishing or maybe just your fishing closer to home.
There are selections to cover rivers both dries and nymphs, selections to cover saltwater and predators, selections to cover Snowbee Salmon & Sea Trout SelectionsSnowbee Stillwater Nymphs & Luressalmon and sea-trout and selections to cover stillwater nymphs and lures. So there is bound to be something for you and your fly fishing.

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Devon County Show

Fly Fishing Tackle Co UKOnce again it’s time for the Devon County Show. From 16th to the 18th of May. We will be there in the Country Sports Area, look out for the Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK Banners, we look forward to seeing many old friends and making new ones. For anyone who is going for the first time you are in for a treat, a casting pond to try out tackle or take part in the casting competition, the complete range of Turrells Flies, Loop Cross S1 rods to try, other rods, reels, fly lines, fly tying vices and materials, plus many other accessories. There will also be fly tying demonstrations and fly fishing advice on Devon’s Rivers, Lakes and Coast.

Fulling Mill Salmon Fly Boxes

Fulling Mill Salmon Fly Box FoamDesigned specifically with our Salmon flies in mind. The Fulling Mill Foam Lined Salmon Fly Box has a generous depth avoiding crushing or damge to hackles and hairwings on larger patterns and even accommodates Bomber style dries too.
Fulling Mill Tube Fly BoxThe Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box
has extra long compartments designed to accommodate the largest of tubes like Monkeys, 
and smaller compartments to house regular hairwing patterns of up to 3″, as well as two specific compartments for holding double and treble hooks.

Fulling Mill Fly Fishing Tackle is available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Fulling Mill Fly Hub

Fulling Mill Small Olive Fly HubFulling Mill Sand Medium Fly HubThe Fulling Mill Fly Hubs are a new range of lightweight and compact boxes with easy-slot
Three different coloured sizes
to choose from, as an easy Fulling Mill Large Orange Fly Hubaid to fly identification.
Super hard-wearing with a swing leaf interior, these boxes provide the all important extra capacity yet with the convenience of a pocket-size.
Olive Small Fly Hub holds up to 384 flies,
Sand Medium Fly Hub holds up to 474 flies and the
Orange Large Fly Hub holds up to 574 flies.

Fulling Mill Fly Fishing Tackle is available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK