Wader and other repairs

Stormsure AdhesiveStormsure Pocket Repair KitThe worst thing in the world is leaking waders to most fly fishers, right up there with bright sunshine and howling gales. You’re on a trip or you may have only driven down the road, the fish are rising and your boots are filling with water, Stormsure Wader Repair products are the answer, there is one to suit any wader problem. These will get you back fishing asap. Stormsure Neoprene Repair Kit Breathables or Neoprene, pinholes, punctures or rips there is a solution, we even do Suncure and if you’re like me and do a bit of Sea Trout fishing at night, I carry a UV torch to boost my lumi flies, you just zap the Suncure with that, job done!

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Snowbee Fly Selections

Snowbee River Fly SelectionsSnowbee Saltwater & Predator SelectionsSnowbee have added some new packs to the Snowbee Fly Selection range, these provide the fly angler a proven selection of flies to cover either destination fishing or maybe just your fishing closer to home.
There are selections to cover rivers both dries and nymphs, selections to cover saltwater and predators, selections to cover Snowbee Salmon & Sea Trout SelectionsSnowbee Stillwater Nymphs & Luressalmon and sea-trout and selections to cover stillwater nymphs and lures. So there is bound to be something for you and your fly fishing.

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Short Lining Boat Rod

Loop Opti Peak Fly RodsIf your’e going to be short lining from a drifting boat this summer, especially if your venue holds big fish, be they big trout, sea trout or salmon, then Loop has the rod for you.
A light 11′ 4# designed to cast a light line but handle big fish. The Loop OPTi Peak will cast bombers or big dry flies for Salmon or large trout. Having tried it out, it roll casts beautifully and has the length to dibble your top dropper all day without the fatigue you would get if you were long lining, but it still has the power to cast a long line to cover the odd fish you see moving at distance. This will become my goto rod for boat work when
I go up to Scotland to fish the West Coast Lochs.

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New Snowbee line/tippet

Snowbee XS FlurocarbonSnowbee have introduced three new tippet lines into their extensive range of products, first but by no means least is the new XS Fluorocarbon Clear, a superb, new-generation 100% Fluorocarbon, manufactured in Japan using the very latest 21st century technology. Snowbee XS Copolymer CamoThe next line up is the XS Stealth Copolymer Camo Nylon, this is an extension to the Clear XS range, the line has been treated to add natural green and brown colours, to blend effortlessly with its environment. Last Snowbee XS Copolymer Clearof the new range is the XS Copolymer Nylon, completely clear, this material has low stretch but superior in-line and knot strength for excellent presentation and fish holding performance.

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Going Afloat now it’s warmer

Snowbee Float Tube KitNow is the time with the trout looking up for surface food, to try out Snowbee’s new Float Tube Kit, following the success of Snowbee’s previous model, they have listened to customer feedback they received and incorporated it into the new design. They took all the best features of the old model and improved on the bits you requested. The result is what they think is the best float tube on the market, at amazing value for money. Snowbee are confident they have a winning design.
Incorporating the very latest thinking in Float Tube design, the twin-tube ‘V-Boat’ style, has the tubes swept up to form a bow, providing less resistance and far easier passage through the water, whilst maintaining great stability. Weighing in at just 4.5kgs (10lbs), their new Float Tube can be easily ‘back-packed’ with the shoulder straps provided, for effortless hiking up to hill lochs and reservoirs. As an added bonus it comes with a powerful dual-action pump which makes quick work of inflating the Snowbee float tube, that will also ‘suck’ to completely deflate the float tube for easy storage and a tough pair of purpose designed, lightweight flippers.

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Devon County Show Success

Devon County Show Picture

The Country Pursuits Area won a
Gold medal for the best area, well done to all those involved.
The Loop Cross S1 rods continued
to impress both the casting instructors and the general public that tried them out on the casting pond.
Equally impressive at the other end of the spectrum were the Shakespeare Agility Rods, which everyone who picked one up was amazed at the price, we even had someone who had read the good reviews of the 9′ #5, picked it up, then bought it. A big thank you to every one who visited us, either for the first time or those of you who we see every year. It’s taken me a couple of days to recover, but it’s one thing
I wouldn’t miss – 3 days meeting like-minded people is something you don’t get to do very often. So a big thanks to everyone who made it such a good event.

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Devon County Show

Fly Fishing Tackle Co UKOnce again it’s time for the Devon County Show. From 16th to the 18th of May. We will be there in the Country Sports Area, look out for the Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK Banners, we look forward to seeing many old friends and making new ones. For anyone who is going for the first time you are in for a treat, a casting pond to try out tackle or take part in the casting competition, the complete range of Turrells Flies, Loop Cross S1 rods to try, other rods, reels, fly lines, fly tying vices and materials, plus many other accessories. There will also be fly tying demonstrations and fly fishing advice on Devon’s Rivers, Lakes and Coast.