New Snowbee line/tippet

Snowbee XS FlurocarbonSnowbee have introduced three new tippet lines into their extensive range of products, first but by no means least is the new XS Fluorocarbon Clear, a superb, new-generation 100% Fluorocarbon, manufactured in Japan using the very latest 21st century technology. Snowbee XS Copolymer CamoThe next line up is the XS Stealth Copolymer Camo Nylon, this is an extension to the Clear XS range, the line has been treated to add natural green and brown colours, to blend effortlessly with its environment. Last Snowbee XS Copolymer Clearof the new range is the XS Copolymer Nylon, completely clear, this material has low stretch but superior in-line and knot strength for excellent presentation and fish holding performance.

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Stream side losses

Streamworks ForcepsIt happens about once every other season, there I am on the river/stream catching fish, release one with my forceps, clip them back onto my jacket/vest and move on upstream. Having traveled a fair distance to the next rising fish, the river having changed over the winter, pools blown out, weed beds gone, I hook another fish, after a good tussle it’s in the net – reach for the forceps and they are not there! I like to unhook my fish without touching them, usually in the river or as in this case a 18″ feisty Brown in the net. Still using barbless hooks it’s not too difficult. Now I know I clipped my forceps to my vest securely, past experience has made me wary, but they still disappear, went back downstream no sign of them, sometimes I think there must be a forceps fairy! The biggest problem is which ones to choose when I go into the shop tomorrow – there is so many!

Forceps and other Fishing Tools are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK