McLean Weigh Trout Net

McLean Short Handle Weigh Trout NetIf you’re going away on holiday to a destination where you can go trout fishing, even if it’s only for a few hours a day and the chances of catching a big trout are there, you will want to weigh it and release it unless you knock it one the head to eat, back at the accommodation you still can’t weight it. So this is where the McLean Short Handle Weigh Net comes in handy, weighing up to 6.5lbs in 2 oz increments it should satisfy most situations, I know most people measure trout these days but it’s nice to know how much that trout weighs,if the trout are bigger try the sea-trout net!

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Loon UV Fly Finish

Tying up Saltwater or Pike Flies? Then at some point you will need a UV varnish or be prepared to wait 5 mins for your epoxy to harden. With the Loon UV Fly Finish it hardens in seconds in direct sunlight or with the aid of the Loon UV Torch.

Loon UV Fly Finish Clear Thin and StandardLoon Outdoors UV Fly Finish
Use it to stick eyes on, as a head cement or as a shrimp back, in fact it has numerous uses. Build up fly heads and bodies, instantly cures in UV light, bottle includes needle tip for precision placement.
Comes in Loon Ultra Violet TorchStandard or Thin.

Loon Outdoors UV Torch
Will set Loon UV Fly Finish, Loon UV Knot Sense and the Loon Wader Patch, which makes invaluable for the travelling fly-fisher who ties flies!

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Sling Packs from Orvis

Orvis Safe Passage Magnum Sling PackOrvis Safe Passage Womens Sling PackIf like me, you are a fan of sling packs, (I have the original Orvis Sling Pack), easy to use and comfortable to wear, Orvis have six different sling packs, male and female, large and original, Safe Passage and Gale Force, there is one to suit you and your requirements.

The Safe Passage Range has the Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack CamoWomen’s Sling Pack, the Guide Sling Pack, the Safe Passage Sling Pack in Cloudburst and Camo, and the Safe Passage Magnum Sling Pack.

Orvis Gale Force Sling PackThen there is the Gale Force Sling Pack which is a weather and water-resistant version of the Safe Passage Sling Pack.

All these packs have forceps sheaths, zinger attachment points, adjustable shoulder and sternum straps, with ample storage space and many other features depending on the model.

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Loop Opti Distance Fly lines

Loop Opti Distance Fly Lines are the lines for long distance casting. The long belly and adjusted taper gives a fine balance between delicate presentation and very long reach. These lines were developed for situations where distance is critical to success.

Loop Opti 130 Floating Fly Line. Colour: Ivory / Peach, Head length is 13.0m.

Loop Opti 130 Floating Fly LineLoop Opti 165 Floating Fly Line. Colour: Ivory / Fluro Red, Head length is 16.5m.

Loop Opti Floating Line 165Loop Opti 210 Max Distance is based on the same concept as the Opti Distance,
but has an even longer belly and corresponding balanced taper. This line was developed for the longest possible single hand casts and maximum distance in both angling and competition situations.

Loop Opti 210 Floating Fly Line. Colour: Ivory / Fluro Orange, Head length is 21.3m.

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Loop Opti Fly Lines

In fly fishing, presentation is the name of the game. Long, short, deep, shallow, fast, slow, angled, upstream, downstream, overhandcast, underhandcast, the list is endless.
Combine the right line with the right gear in the right environment and you have a sensible combination that gives you an advantage over the fish. Different conditions, gear and casting technique requires carefully selected lines. With the different tapers, lengths and weights which Loop Opti Fly Lines offer you have a multitude of precise tools at your disposal. Important! Use WF3 for a #3 rod, and so on.

Loop Opti Stream Fly Lines

Loop Opti Stream Fly Line

The Opti Stream is precisely as the name indicates: for flowing water. The new taper is designed for extreme ease in both underhand and overhand casting. Easy to pickup and shoot overhand and yet perfectly balanced for tight, underhand casts. Head length varies between 7.1m – 9.1m depending upon line weight.
Colour: Amber/White Floating. Total length: 27 m. Available in weights 2 – 9.

Loop Opti Creek Fly Lines

Loop Opti Creek Floating Fly Lines

Loop’s Opti Creek line could be deemed the nemesis of vigilant fish. The line is a development of the Opti Stream Line and has a somewhat shorter head for better feeling and presentation. You get the advantage over the fish. Not the other way around. The taper is refined for an even better presentation and is suited both for over and underhandcasts. For small running waters, this is the line you need.
Opti Creek WF2 – WF4 Floating. Length: 15m.

Loop Opti Stillwater Fly Lines

Loop Opti Stillwater Floating Fly Line

The Opti Stillwater fly line is designed for lake fishing. The new tapers on this line mean it casts a long way and is designed to set the fly down with precision at enormous distances!
Head length varies from 9.1m – 10.4m depending upon line weight.
Colour: Light Green/White Floating. Total length: 30 m. Available in weight 3 – 9.

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Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses enhance visibility and reduce glare in all conditions and are must for any fishing trip, they reduce eye strain (I learnt this one the hard way from when I used to spend hours sitting in a boat in the sunshine). They also help you to spot fish that you would not see without them. As with most things the more you pay the better the quality, Eye Level are very good entry-level sunglasses, I use their amber clip-ons.

Eye Level Angler II SunglassesEye Level Angler SunglassesEye Level Fish Spotter SunglassesEye Level Fisherman Sunglasses


All Eye Level Polarized Sunglasses and Clip-Ons feature genuine polarized lens material which provides sharper vision in any light conditions, they also provide visibility below the surface of water which is extremely beneficial for fishing and sailing. In the past few years the great benefits of polarized products has been realised by other outdoor enthusiasts and also by general use wearers. Eye Level Polarized Sunglasses feature genuine Polarized lens materials and are available in:-

• Brown – absorbs bright sunlight to keep your eyes from tiring.
• Grey – provides a cooling effect on bright sunny days.
• Sports Yellow – brightens vision on an overcast day.
• Amber – absorbs blue light, providing strong contrast enhancement.

Eye Level Tidal Sunglasses

Eye Level Marlin SunglassesEye Level Float Spotter SunglassesEye Level Carp Sunglasses

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Loop Cross S1 & Pike

The Loop Cross S1 Rods are not just for trout and salmon in fresh water, a Loop Cross S1 Rod matched with a Loop Reel, the right line and a big fly makes the ultimate kit for Big Pike as the video shows!

Loop Pikemania

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