Loon UV Fly Finish

Tying up Saltwater or Pike Flies? Then at some point you will need a UV varnish or be prepared to wait 5 mins for your epoxy to harden. With the Loon UV Fly Finish it hardens in seconds in direct sunlight or with the aid of the Loon UV Torch.

Loon UV Fly Finish Clear Thin and StandardLoon Outdoors UV Fly Finish
Use it to stick eyes on, as a head cement or as a shrimp back, in fact it has numerous uses. Build up fly heads and bodies, instantly cures in UV light, bottle includes needle tip for precision placement.
Comes in Loon Ultra Violet TorchStandard or Thin.

Loon Outdoors UV Torch
Will set Loon UV Fly Finish, Loon UV Knot Sense and the Loon Wader Patch, which makes invaluable for the travelling fly-fisher who ties flies!

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Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses enhance visibility and reduce glare in all conditions and are must for any fishing trip, they reduce eye strain (I learnt this one the hard way from when I used to spend hours sitting in a boat in the sunshine). They also help you to spot fish that you would not see without them. As with most things the more you pay the better the quality, Eye Level are very good entry-level sunglasses, I use their amber clip-ons.

Eye Level Angler II SunglassesEye Level Angler SunglassesEye Level Fish Spotter SunglassesEye Level Fisherman Sunglasses


All Eye Level Polarized Sunglasses and Clip-Ons feature genuine polarized lens material which provides sharper vision in any light conditions, they also provide visibility below the surface of water which is extremely beneficial for fishing and sailing. In the past few years the great benefits of polarized products has been realised by other outdoor enthusiasts and also by general use wearers. Eye Level Polarized Sunglasses feature genuine Polarized lens materials and are available in:-

• Brown – absorbs bright sunlight to keep your eyes from tiring.
• Grey – provides a cooling effect on bright sunny days.
• Sports Yellow – brightens vision on an overcast day.
• Amber – absorbs blue light, providing strong contrast enhancement.

Eye Level Tidal Sunglasses

Eye Level Marlin SunglassesEye Level Float Spotter SunglassesEye Level Carp Sunglasses

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Kennick Killers & UV Killer Fritz

Fly Fishing & Fly Tying have reviewed the Kennick Killer Flies from Turrall and also the Killer Fritz used to tie them. “In the water, that marabou tail gives this a seductive wiggle. The bead helps sink the fly, and by pushing the bead back from the eye this sinks a little flatter than a bead at the eye. A nicely tied fly, to be fished with confidence on most stillwaters.”
Turrall Kennick Killer 1Turrall Kennick Killer 2Turrall Kenick Killer 3Turrall Kennick Killer 4Turrall Kennick Killer 5Turrall Kennick Killer 6Also in this months issue is the Turrall UV Killer Fritz. “Look a little deeper into Turrall UV Killer Fritz and close to the core I can see a conventional fluffy chenille, pull back a little Turrall UV Killer Fritz ColoursTurrall UV Super Straggle Fritz Coloursand this is shot through with longer flashy ‘fritz’ fibres. Wrap this around a hook shank and it covers and fills very fast, forming a dense body.” “Using a UV torch I can see those fibres but they do not reflect terribly brightly.” Using a lot of UV materials in my fly dressing I have found that a very small amount works best, a bit like Fluorescent materials, just a hint works best. They also review the UV Straggle Fritz and the UV Super Straggle Fritz.

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Cortland 444 Classic Fly Lines

Some things just stand the test of time and Cortland 444 Classic Fly Lines are as good today as they were when they first came out. We have a limited stock of these lines at a special offer price.

Cortland 444 Classic Floating




The Cortland 444 Classic Peach has stood all the tests that generations of anglers have thrown at it. Extremely supple in the hand, fast through the guides, high floating, precise tapers for ease of casting, turning over long fine leaders. The 444 stays flexible in any water. Sizes: WF3-10 & DT3-10, Type: Floating, Colour: Peach & Core: Nylon Braid.

Cortland 444 Classic Intermediate



With a specific gravity of 1.06, this neutral density 444 Intermediate Fly Line is only slightly heavier than water. Left untreated it will sink very slowly making it especially useful for fishing over shallow, submerged weed beds, the line settles just below a surface chop and remains straight for positive hook-setting. Sizes: WF5-9,
Type: Intermediate Type 1 (1.5-2ips), Colour: Ice Blue & Core: Nylon Braid.

Cortland 444 Classic Sinking Lines




The 444 Sinking Lines get the fly down to deeper feeding locations so because feeding patterns, water depth and currents vary; Cortland manufactures a wide range of sinking lines. Available in different sink rates 444 Sinking lines come in varying shades of brown, with the lighter lines indicating a slower sink rate than the darker. Sizes: WF6-8. Core: Nylon Braid. Also available is 444 Sink Tip Type 3. Sizes: WF4-9.

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