Spooling Stations from Berkley

Berkley Classic Reel Spooling StationLine management made easy from Berkley! For loading line onto your reels these two Spooling Stations are among some of their best-selling classics, easy loading and supreme line lay guaranteed!

Berkley Portable Reel Spooling StationThe Classic Reel Spooling Station is intended for home use, while the Portable Line Spooling Station does what it says and can be used anywhere. They are both easy to use, produce excellent line lay and make line loading very easy.

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William Joseph Coastal Pack

William Joseph Coastal PackWilliam Joseph Costal Pack BackThe William Joseph Coastal Pack combines a really comfortable backpack with a removable chest pack. The backpack is big enough to take your waterproofs, lunch, photographic gear and a few other items inside, outside you can carry rod tubes / water bottles and your landing net. On the front of the shoulder straps are fixing points for accessories. The chest pack has room for two fly boxes, work stations and more attachment points. The overall capacity is excellent making this the most advanced combo Willy J has produced.

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Protect your Rods

This follows on from the previous blog, having spent a lot of money on travelling to a destination to fish, be it Scotland ( if you’re Scottish read Devon ) or some far-flung exotic venue ( not that Scotland or Devon aren’t exotic in their own way ) you need to protect
your rods from air travel. Just relying on your rod tubes will not cut it. I have lost two rods this way! Still you live and learn.
One answer is a Flambeau Bazuka Rod Carrier.  There are two models, the 6095 and the 6085. Just pick the model to suit the length and amount of rods you are travelling with.

Flambeau Bazuka 6095• Extra Large Capacity.
• Large Diameter case holds many rods for extended trips.
• Perfect for Saltwater rods and other rods with oversized guides.
• Telescopes from 73″ to 102″.
• One piece construction for high-end performance at an economical price.
• Contoured, blow moulded construction
• Hinged-in handle for maximum durability
• Completely lockable for added security
• Foam padded at both end for maximum rod protection
• Airline Approved
• Size: Diameter 6″ x Length 73″ – 102″

Flambeau Bazuka 6085• Telescopes from 63″ to 87″ for maximum versatility
• Holds up to six 6.5′ one piece rods
• One piece construction for high-end performance at an economical price.
• Contoured, blow moulded construction
• Hinged-in handle for maximum durability
• Completely lockable for added security
• Foam padded at both end for maximum rod protection
• Airline Approved
• Size: Diameter 4″ x Length 63″ – 87″

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New Snowbee line/tippet

Snowbee XS FlurocarbonSnowbee have introduced three new tippet lines into their extensive range of products, first but by no means least is the new XS Fluorocarbon Clear, a superb, new-generation 100% Fluorocarbon, manufactured in Japan using the very latest 21st century technology. Snowbee XS Copolymer CamoThe next line up is the XS Stealth Copolymer Camo Nylon, this is an extension to the Clear XS range, the line has been treated to add natural green and brown colours, to blend effortlessly with its environment. Last Snowbee XS Copolymer Clearof the new range is the XS Copolymer Nylon, completely clear, this material has low stretch but superior in-line and knot strength for excellent presentation and fish holding performance.

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Brodin Nets

Brodin Premium Landing NetsPremium Brodin Nets

The finest handcrafted fly fishing nets made of durable, light 4-ply plantation Cocobolo wood bow and a
hand-shaped handle, rubbed to a beautiful finish.
The net’s soft nylon mesh gently cradles fish. French clip easily attaches our net to your fly fishing vest.
Nets have the same rubber mesh system used by most state fish and wildlife departments for safe handling of fish during stream population surveys.

Brodin Catch & Release NetsBrodin Catch & Release Ghost Net

Weighs less and protects fish better than any other competitive net. Easy to use, durable, and snag-free, our new nets weigh about one-third the weight of competing nets for less hassle. Perfect for making travel weight limits. Exclusive moulded rubber protects the fish’s important slime layer.
Plus, it won’t snag flies or tangle dropper rigs.
Handle and bow crafted of genuine teak.

Brodin Ghost Frying Pan NetBrodin Ghost Landing Net Range

This is Brodin’s biggest seller, the net is patented,
the fish-friendly Ghost netbag is light in weight
(around 4oz).
It almost disappears in water and will not snag flies. The 4 Ply Teak frames are extremely durable around (and in!) water with the added benefit that it is plantation grown.

Brodin Pro Steelhead NetBrodin Pro Landing Net Range

Utilising the same 4 ply Teak frames as the Ghost series, Brodin Pro nets are fitted with a high quality soft nylon net bag.

Brodin Streambase Gallatin NetBrodin Streambase Landing Net Range

Using the same craftsmanship and experience, Streambase nets have 3 ply construction, Chiricano handles and carry the same high quality netbag as the Pro Series.


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Abu Fishing Lures

We now have a wide range of ABU Spinners and Plugs in stock. Choose from our wide range of Abu Fishing Lures, the right lures to suit your fishing, including Reflex Spinners, Toby Spoons, Salmo Seekers, Pike Spoons, Droppens, Zeppos, Fast Attacks, Abu Minnows, Rauto Spoons, Tormentors, Hi-Los, Snifflers, Rocket Lipless, Rocket Poppers and Abu assorted lure kits and lure packs.

ABU Drippen Spinners

ABU Pike SpoonABU Reflex Spinners




Droppen Spinners             Pike Spoons                      Reflex Spinners

ABU Salmon Seekers & Fast AttackOriginal ABU Toby LuresABU Zeppo Spoons




Salmo Seekers                  Toby Lures                        Zeppo Spoons

ABU Hi-Lo PlugsABU Jointed Tormentor PlugsABU Rocket Lipless Plugs




Hi-Lo Plugs                        Jointed Tormentors          Rocket Lipless

ABU Rocket Popper PlugsABU Rocket Sniffler Plugs




Rocket Poppers                Rocket Snifflers

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Smith Creek Review FF&FT

Fly Fishing and Fly Tying have reviewed the Smith Creek products. “These are all made in New Zealand and all are tough, well made, wee gadgets.” See previous blog ( Fly Fishing Stocking Fillers ) for full details!

Smith Creek Trash FishThe Smith Creek
Trash Fish






Smith Creek Net HolsterThe Smith Creek Net Holster

Smith Creek Rod ClipThe Smith Creek
Rod Clip









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Tackle Sale Now On


Sale items are marked down by as much as 50%, but HURRY because these prices only apply whilst existing stocks last and quantities are very limited. New stocks will not be available at these prices.
In order to make room for new stock lines for next season, we are having our biggest stock clearance ever! Famous brand names include Cortland, Fladen, Fulling Mill, Loop, March Brown, Nielsen, Redington, Scott, Shimano, Snowbee, Vision, Abel, Lureflash, Orvis, Rio, Powerstorm, Rapala, Fishpond and Kelly Kettle.
We have a huge range of items in our sale including top name fly rods, fly reels, vests, fishing jackets, fly lines, braid, waders, fly boxes, and fly fishing accessories.

We have Rio and Cortland Stock to clear to make room for new stock, includes discounted Fly Lines and more fantastic deals online.
Rio Mainstream Spey Versitip Fly LineRio Gold Fly Line






We have Redington Stock to clear to make room for new stock, includes discounted
Fly Rods, Waders, Jackets and more fantastic deals online.

Redington Stratus 3 Jacket

Redington Sonic-Pro, Palix River and Crosswater Waders





We have Fishpond and C&F stock to clear to make room for new stock, includes reduced Luggage, Vests, Fly Boxes, Insert Foams, Fly Patches and more fantastic deals.
Fishpond Moonshadow Rolling DuffelFishpond Sagebrush Mesh VestC&F Nymphing Fly Box


We have Vision Stock to clear to make room for new stock, includes discounted Salmon Rods, Fly Reels, Jackets, Reel Bags and more fantastic deals online.

Vector Jacket GreyVision GTfour 15' DH Limited EditionVision XLA Hard Reel Large Arbour

Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK’s Snowbee Stock Clearance Sale includes discounted Rods, Waders, Lines, Jackets, Boots and more fantastic deals online. HURRY!, this offer is time limited to make room for the new season’s stock.
SB Granite Neoprene Waders - Boot foot & Stocking footSnowbee Diamond 4 piece Fly Rod






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Bamboo Fly Box Gifts

This range of Bamboo Fly Boxes will make a perfect gift at any time, they are made to a very high standard as you would expect from Turrall. The Selection Sets contain Turrall Flies, these flies are tied by Turralls own out workers using only the best materials, such as Metz Hackles and British Hooks.
If you think you need something else as a gift go to Fishing Gifts to see vast range of gifts for the fisherman or lady, or if you want something for a youngster see our previous post on Kids Fly Fishing Kits.

Turrall Hatch Match Selection Sets

A series of fly selections presented in a handsome Classic pocket-sized fly box crafted from mellowed split cane. Slotted foam inserts securely hold trout and salmon flies. Brass hinged with magnetic closure this beautiful box is lightweight and floats.
136 x 105 x 30mm. Each one offers a balanced choice of essential flies to match seasonal hatches and regional requirements. 32 Flies unless marked. The selections are:-
Match the Hatch SelectionCaddis/Sedge
Daddies (24 Flies)
Dry Flies
Irish Wet Flies
Mayflies (24 Flies)
Westcountry River Flies
Salmon Double (16 Flies)
Scottish Loch
Scottish River
Sea Trout (16 Flies)
Spring Hatch Match
Summer Hatch Match
Stillwater Essentials
Welsh Selection

Complete Fly SelectionsTurrall Complete River Selection (100 flies)

Turrall Complete Stillwater Selection (100 flies)

Complete fly selections containing 100 flies, presented in our mellow split cane Grande fly box.
Each one offers a balanced choice of essential flies for both river or stillwater fly fishing.
The Grande is a larger version of our Classic bamboo box for your complete fly collection. Holds approx 100 flies.
195 x 105 x 35mm.


Or if you prefer the Turrall Bamboo Fly Boxes on their own without flies.

The Grande. A larger version of our Classic bamboo box for your complete fly collection. Holds approx 100 flies. 195mm x 105mm x 35mm

The Slimline Fly Box

The Turrall Bamboo Slimline Fly Box

The Classic. A handsome pocket-sized fly box crafted from mellowed split cane.
Slotted foam inserts securely hold trout and salmon flies. Brass hinged with magnetic closure. finished with a natural satin lacquer, this beautiful box is lightweight and floats – but is almost too nice to take fishing. 130mm x 100mm x 25mm.

The Slimline. A slimline version of our classic bamboo box. Offers the same slotted foam on one side, with magnetic closure and brass hinges. Perfect pocket-sized box which holds approx 5 dozen trout flies. 135mm X 95mm X 20mm.

Click here for Turrall Bamboo Fly Boxes for other fly boxes and fly selections click here and for anything else go to Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK.


Varivas Leaders

In most years the rivers would be low and getting lower by now and I would be fishing midge and aphid patterns in small sizes, I would be fishing fine and far off using Varivas Yamame leaders, to these I would add a two to three foot tippet, giving me a leader of fifteen to eighteen feet. these leaders cast beautifully without having to have to much line outside the rod tip!
Varivas Yamame Tapered Leaders
Keiichero Iwai, Japan’s master of Yamame Trout fishing, developed these leaders with VARIVAS® as the ideal leaders for pursuing these fish in mountain steams with light tackle. It is easy enough to find lightweight rods and reels that can deliver on delicate presentation however, there was always a difficulty to find the hooks to tie tiny flies, tippet to connect them and leaders long enough and fine enough to present a tiny midge to the easily spooked Yamame. With this background, VARIVAS® brought together know-how and expertise to create what is probably the world’s most delicate dry fly presentation system.

Yamame Leader
Yamame Leaders were developed with presentation in mind – 14 feet long and available in 4X to 8X, they are ideal for use on chalk streams when presenting tiny flies to easily spooked fish. With 43% butt, gradual taper over 17% and long point of 40%, they are made of pure nylon so have low / no memory and are very supple.
Clear / Taper:- 43 : 17 : 40 (%).


This one is my favourite!
Varivas Flat-Butt Yamame Leader
Flat-Butt Leaders are the latest innovation in tapered leaders – with the sole aim of providing the fly-fisher with delicate presentation and ideal turn-over.
12 feet long and available in 4X 5X 6X and 7X, they are ideal for use with the dry flies used on our chalk streams. With 55% butt and a gradual taper over 28% with a relatively short point of 17%.
These unique leaders have a flat butt for additional suppleness and ease of knotting – the yellow-coloured butt and taper make these leaders highly visible to the fly-fisher while maintaining stealth with a clear point section. Produced from pure nylon, they are supple from butt to point and have no memory, making them ideal for delicate presentation.
Taper:-  55 : 28 : 17 (%)

 Varivas Tapered Leaders
Varivas Tapered Leaders are the ultimate in knotless leaders for the discerning fly-fisher. They provide the ideal solution to specialist fly fishing situations. Some manufacturers produce tapered leaders as 15 foot stock then cut them into 6 foot, 7.5 foot, 9 foot or 12 foot lengths. Varivas however, takes a different approach by designing each different leader for its own specific application … giving the fly-fisher the optimal taper profile to best suit the situation, produced with its taper ratios always in proportion to leader length. ALL VARIVAS TAPERED LEADERS are “Resin Coated” and “Non-Stress Coated” to ensure low memory, abrasion and water resistance, and prolonged life for both fresh and salt water applications.

Varivas Standard
Camouflaged with a green butt section and a clear tip to aid stealth. Available in 7.7 foot, 9 foot and 12 foot lengths in 0X to 7X. With 40% butt and a gradual taper over 40% and 20% point. Ideal all rounder for stealth and river use.


Varivas All Purpose – Fluorocarbon
Sensitive, powerful and durable. Available in 9 foot, 12 foot and 15 foot lengths from 0X to 7X (depending on length). The 9 and 12 foot leaders have 45% butt and a gradual taper over 25% with a longish 30% point whereas, the 15 footers come with a 55% butt, tapering over 30% with a 15% point making them very suitable for deep lake situations.

 Varivas Specialist Dry Fly
Available in 9 and 12 foot leaders in 4X to 7X weights. With 50% butt, 20% taper and 30% point this configuration provides a fine supple butt, super long point ideal for delicate presentation.

 Varivas Underwater Nymph And Wet
Available in 7.5 and 9 foot leaders in 0X to 3X weights. With 20% butt, 30% taper and 50% point this configuration provides a short butt and long taper for rapid descent of wet fly or nymph.


Varivas Salmon / Light Seawater
Suitable for the heaviest fresh and salt water species such as salmon, sea trout, sea bass, stripers, tarpon and bonefish etc. Produced from clear material with a heavy diameter, long butt section to turn over the heaviest flies. Available in both 10 and 15 foot lengths to provide for the needs of spring and late season low water situations is offered in all weights between 20lb (-4X) and 6lb (3X). With 60% butt, 25% taper and 15% point this configuration provides a long, heavy duty power butt section to withstand aggressive action in tough conditions.

Varivas Lake Retrieve
The profile of these leaders has been developed specifically to get small flies to depth as quickly as possible by having a long point – with fine supple butt section in combination with the super long point are ideal for delicate presentation of buzzers and nymphs
14 ft Leader available in -2X to 5X with the taper ratio of 20% butt, 22% taper and 55% point


FREE Varivas Leader Wallet worth £8.00 if you buy 20 or more Varivas Leaders!




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