Vision Tane Fly Rods

Vision Tane fly rod, rod tube and cloth bagVision Tane Fly Rods for brown trout fishing
The Tane is the nickname for brown trout in Finland and this series has been developed by Vision Fly Fishng to upgrade their excelent mid-price range of fly tane fly rod detail

There are eight carefully selected length & line weight combinations designed to cover most of the situations emerging in traditional brown trout fishing in a range of environments from brooks and smallstreams to large rivers, lakes and even reservoirs.

These fly rods have a smooth medium-fast action, a little slower than the Vision Mag,  and most anglers wiill find them a delight to use.

Tane fly rods are extremely light even though they are four piece and they come in an elegant glass fibre rod tube and a partitioned cloth bag

More Details

Rod Action:  Medium Fast
No. Pieces:  4
Rod Finish:  Black
Code Length Line wt Grams Suggested £
VTA4803 8.0 3 51 £259.99
VTA4963 9.6 3 86 £259.99
VTA4804 8.0 4 54 £259.99
VTA4104 10.0 4 91 £259.99
VTA4905 9.0 5 77 £259.99
VTA4906 9.0 6 80 £259.99
VTA4967 9.6 7 103 £269.99
VTA4107 10.0 7 105 £269.99

Tane fly rods are available from Vision Pro Dealer FFTCOUK

Vision Mag Single Hand Fly Rods

vision mag fly rodsVision Mag Fly Rods


Vision Mag Fly Rods         Vision Mag 10ft #3/4   Top choice in T&S tests

The fastest of all Vision rods. These tip action, four piece rods will surprise you with their great balance and looks. The blanks are made using the latest Japanese high modulus graphite and all components are nothing but the best. The series consists of three 9’ rods and five 10’ rods to cover a wide range of fishing situations. Metallic olive finish with some small orange details will make these rods to differ from the mass.

Nine footers were designed to be first-class all-around rods for traditional river and lake fishing for those who like fast tip action rods for their dry fly and nymph fishing. They have half wells handles except the heaviest 6/7 rod which has a full wells handle and a small fighting butt.

Longer 10’ rods were initially designed for two main purposes: lighter rods for short line long leader river fishing in competitions (and elsewhere) and heavier classes especially for the demanding stillwater and reservoir fishing (multiple flies, long leaders, etc). All of them have full wells handles (lighter classes smaller ones) and 6/7 and 7/8 class rods have additionally a small fighting butt which might come handy if you happen to hook a real monster.

If you like fast action rods and you are looking for a new high-quality and great looking fishing companion for your numerous trips to waters near and far, look no more. These four-piece olive beauties will fit nicely into you hand and in your bag.

Buy your Vision Mag Fly Rods HERE


Redington Tempt Trout Rods


redington tempt trout fly rods

Redington Tempt Fly Rods are designed especially for the trout angler. Moderate action for spring creek, enough power for big river and small stillwater fishing.

• Medium action.
• Offered in 4 piece and 6 piece configurations.
• 6 piece offers extreme packability for the backpacking and travelling angler.
• Titanium oxide stripping guides.
• Dark Clay Brown blank with matching Rosewood reel seat insert.
• Custom machined reel seat components.
• Alignment dots for easy rod set up.
• Divided brown ballistic Nylon rod tube.
• Lifetime Warranty.

Tempt 7’6″ #3 4pc: £129.99
Tempt 8’0″ #4 4pc: £129.99
Tempt 8’6″ #4 4pc: £129.99
Tempt 8’6″ #5 4pc: £129.99
Tempt 9’0″ #5 4pc: £129.99
Tempt 9’0″ #6 4pc: £129.99
Tempt 8’0″ #3 6pc: £149.99
Tempt 9’0″ #5 6pc: £149.99

Check out the Redington Tempt range along with other Redington Fly Fishing Gear at Fly Fishing Co UK

Loop Cross S1 & Pike

The Loop Cross S1 Rods are not just for trout and salmon in fresh water, a Loop Cross S1 Rod matched with a Loop Reel, the right line and a big fly makes the ultimate kit for Big Pike as the video shows!

Loop Pikemania

For more details of Loop Tackle visit Fly Fishing Co Uk

9′ 6# Fly Rods

The 9′ 6# Rod is the rod for small still waters, some reservoir situations, big trout in big rivers and fly fishing in estuaries, I know one guide who uses a 9′ 6# for Bone fishing,
so all in all this weight rod covers a lot of ground, light enough for all day casting but heavy enough to cast a long way and control big fish.

Shakespeare Agility Fly Rods 4piece9′ 6# Rods up to £150

Shakespeare Sigma; four piece, supplied in a quality cordura tube, the blanks are slim and lightweight, half wells handle.
Shakespeare Agility; the action of the blanks are medium / fast and combine excellent casting potential with a smooth fish playing action, slim carbon blank.
Rovex Genesis; these 42T carbon beauties have super-slim lightweight blanks and are finished to the highest standards.
Vision Atom; these fly rods have a silky smooth medium fast action and offer great performance together with outstanding value for money.
Vision Vipu; these 4 piece dark brown rods have clearly medium fast action, which will make them good all-rounders for almost every imaginable situation.
Sonik SK4TR; the four piece crisp, middle to tip action blanks adapt to a wide range of casting styles, with a forgiving tip for playing fish, these rods are great all-rounders.
Snowbee Diamond 2; using a new blank design and the latest high-modulus carbon fibre materials has produced a blank that is faster, crisper and lighter than its predecessor.

9′ 6# Rods up to £250

Redington Tempt; the moderate action of the rod provides delicacy, yet packs enough power for big river and small stillwater fishing. The lightweight blank and forgiving action reduces fatigue for long days on the water.
Redington Voyant; smooth casting, high-performance 4 piece rod ideal for the more advanced fly angler, a quality rod suitable for a diverse array of applications. It can accommodate all day casting, yet is powerful enough to cover a lot of water when you need it.
Sonik SK8XTR; an exciting new range of ultra-high performance, nano carbon fibre fly rods with fast, yet easy to load actions, that make long distance casting easy.
Loop Xact; has a smooth, deep, medium-fast action that is both forgiving and precise. This is no entry-level stick, and represents a lot of rod for the money.
Snowbee Prestige; well-proven tri-modulus technology, the blanks feature a subtle blend of 30, 40 and 50 ton carbon, to achieve the precise action throughout the blank. Fast action with high lift snakes for extreme distance casting
Redington CPX; these blanks generate blistering line speed when asked, and offer smoothly assured performance both in casting and battling fish.
Vision Mag; the fastest of all Vision rods, these tip action, four piece rods will surprise you with their great balance and looks. The blanks are made using the latest Japanese high modulus graphite and all components are nothing but the best.
Vision Silver; Vision’s “Silver Bullet” for coastal sea-trout fishing, its fast action is particularly suitable for windy conditions where accuracy is nevertheless vital for success, the rod is very good for casting large dry flies for good size brownies or to an active Atlantic Salmon.

9′ 6# Rods up to £350

Vision Cult; Cult rods have a deep full-flex action and they are at their best in river fishing or close range work to wary fish in still water. These rods are easy to load, and will do so with a much shorter line than many of the more tip-flex rod series currently on offer.
Loop Evotec; made with Cross Weave technology, giving them a sweet, precise and wonderfully balanced action. Minimal vibrations and the possibility to change tempo with ease is the fruit of the “Perfect Curve” philosophy.
Redington Link; is the ultimate all-around performance rod, featuring Red.Core2 technology, carbon fibre weave overlays, and premium custom components, the rod is not only lightweight and efficient to cast, but durable and powerful enough to respond to the demands of advanced casters. this rod offers tight loops and accurate casts. The power and responsiveness of this rod gives versatility to target any species big or small.
Vision GT Four; designed to be first-class all-around rods for traditional river and lake fishing for those who like fast tip action rods for their dry-fly and nymph fishing. They have half wells handles. If you like fast action rods and you are looking for a high-quality and great looking fishing companion for your numerous trips.
Marryat Tactical; the high modulus blank has been specially designed to be light weight, accurate and provide the power to punch a big lure into the wind or delicately present a dry-fly under a tree. This lightweight modern rod is powerful, fast and accurate suited to both dry-fly and nymph fishing.
Orvis Access; Access rods are incredibly lightweight and offer remarkably smooth, precise, and balanced casting performance at a price never before possible, with a remarkable smooth and precise casting stroke.

9′ 6# Rods above £350

Snowbee Geo Nano; aimed at the river and small stillwater angler who appreciates precision, effortless casting and delicate presentation. Ample reserves of power for distance casting too, by those anglers who prefer to fish longer and lighter lines.
Vision Extreme; the perfect combination of lightness, power, sensitivity and looks in one elegant package, a three-piece medium action rod. The goto rod for trout, grayling, salmon or whatever swims in your rivers.
Loop Cross S1; super-strong featherweight fly rods, with an emphasis on fishing where the rod is working with minimum vibration through an entire load range – from close-in and out to even extreme distances, the rod requires minimal input power, the rod does all the work. It has never been so easy and taken so little effort to deliver precision loops at 10-meters or 30-meters while easily controlling the line or changing the pace of the cast.

Loop Cross S1 Fly Rods Single and Double HandedFor more information on the rods above or Special Price Reductions on other rods visit Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Shakespeare Special Offer Kits

Shakespeare Agility Fly Rods 4piece

Shakespeare Sigma Fly ReelShakespeare Agility Floating Fly LineMaybe you’re going on holiday or just starting out and don’t want to spend a fortune on a kit that will allow you to fish large and small still waters or light Salmon and Sea Trout, then these Special Offer Kits from Shakespeare will come in budget for you.
With two Sigma Outfits and three Agility Outfits covering 6# and 7#, 9′ to 10′ will give you the kit you need, Rod, Reel, Line, Leader and Flies, just add water! ( Helps if it’s got some fish in it! )

Shakespeare Sigma Fly Rods 4 PieceShakespeare Omni Fly ReelsShakespeare Sigma Fly Lines Yellow




For more information on these Shakespeare Offers and other Shakespeare Tackle visit Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK



Short Lining Boat Rod

Loop Opti Peak Fly RodsIf your’e going to be short lining from a drifting boat this summer, especially if your venue holds big fish, be they big trout, sea trout or salmon, then Loop has the rod for you.
A light 11′ 4# designed to cast a light line but handle big fish. The Loop OPTi Peak will cast bombers or big dry flies for Salmon or large trout. Having tried it out, it roll casts beautifully and has the length to dibble your top dropper all day without the fatigue you would get if you were long lining, but it still has the power to cast a long line to cover the odd fish you see moving at distance. This will become my goto rod for boat work when
I go up to Scotland to fish the West Coast Lochs.

To see more details on this and other Loop Rods visit Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK