Loop Opti Dryfly Reel

loop_opti_reel_blackBack from Scotland, a good trip, spent in good company. The fishing I did, the wife, non-fisher person had priority on my time, was very good considering the weather. Had some long walks to some amazing Lochs where the trout fought like tigers, a nine-inch fish put a good bend in my Loop Cross S1 6# rod, I’m glad I was using 6lb Maxima line. The only downside of the trip was my 4# Orvis LA Battenkill reel falling out of my rucksack somewhere on a mountain track! Looking for a replacement as Orvis no longer make this reel, I have decided to get a Loop Opti Dry Fly to replace it, having looked at all the other reels we have, yes I will have to pay for it and no I will not claim on insurance, my fault for not securing it, if more people accepted responsibility for their own stupidity, insurance would be a lot cheaper! Wouldn’t it?

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Off to Scotland for a break

I’m off to Scotland for a holiday, so things will be bit quiet for a while, Wester Ross and Assynt for those who are interested. Will be trying out stuff (as the wife calls it) and will blog the results, also coming back afterwards to some Bass and Sea Trout fishing, it’s a hard life but some poor bloke has to do it. In the meantime if you have any queries about fly fishing tackle or fishing in the West Country contact Fly Fishing Tackle Co Uk

Maxima Chameleon Nylon

Maxima Chameleon Nylon LineFor the Salmon, Sea Trout and Trout anglers who prefers nylon for their leaders and spinning lines, Maxima Chameleon has the unique property of changing hues to match the colour of the surroundings, for invisibility in water that is cloudy
or lightly stained. Designed for freshwater lakes and rivers, this line has the toughest finish of all line brands on the market. It is ideal for casting and flipping around rocks, brush and other snags.
The incredible abrasion resistance also makes Chameleon the best choice for fishing rock-strewn rivers, especially for Salmon and Sea Trout. Chameleon works perfectly on baitcasting and conventional reels. This line makes it an ideal fly leader material, especially for the butt section of tapered leaders.
Maxima Chameleon Line is available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Vision Loikka Boots in T&S

Vision Loikka GUMMI Wading BootsTrout & Salmon have reviewed the Loikka Wading Boots from Vision, the sole’s GUMMI rubber offers better grip than the industry-standard Vibram, the sole pattern of raised discs of different sizes makes it easier to change direction in the river, thirteen tungsten studs on each sole  have a low profile so parts of the rubber are always in touch to stop sliding. Subtle features but they make a difference. The sole extends to make a front bumper to stop anything forcing its way between sole and midsole. They are light and very tough and reinforced from above the ankle and all along the sides.

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Telescopic Weigh Nets

McLean Telescopic Weigh NetMcLean Telescopic Weigh Tri NetThe Telescopic McLean Nets come in two flavours both are hinged and collapse down to a handy size for easy transport.
The Telescopic Hinged Weigh Net attaches with a Rose Creek Net Release and McLean Tri Net Scabbardweighs fish up to 14lbs. The Telescopic Tri Net can be carried in a scabbard or clipped to a D ring and also weighs up to 14lb. The Scabbard comes with a belt loop.

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