Cortland 444 Classic Fly Lines

Some things just stand the test of time and Cortland 444 Classic Fly Lines are as good today as they were when they first came out. We have a limited stock of these lines at a special offer price.

Cortland 444 Classic Floating




The Cortland 444 Classic Peach has stood all the tests that generations of anglers have thrown at it. Extremely supple in the hand, fast through the guides, high floating, precise tapers for ease of casting, turning over long fine leaders. The 444 stays flexible in any water. Sizes: WF3-10 & DT3-10, Type: Floating, Colour: Peach & Core: Nylon Braid.

Cortland 444 Classic Intermediate



With a specific gravity of 1.06, this neutral density 444 Intermediate Fly Line is only slightly heavier than water. Left untreated it will sink very slowly making it especially useful for fishing over shallow, submerged weed beds, the line settles just below a surface chop and remains straight for positive hook-setting. Sizes: WF5-9,
Type: Intermediate Type 1 (1.5-2ips), Colour: Ice Blue & Core: Nylon Braid.

Cortland 444 Classic Sinking Lines




The 444 Sinking Lines get the fly down to deeper feeding locations so because feeding patterns, water depth and currents vary; Cortland manufactures a wide range of sinking lines. Available in different sink rates 444 Sinking lines come in varying shades of brown, with the lighter lines indicating a slower sink rate than the darker. Sizes: WF6-8. Core: Nylon Braid. Also available is 444 Sink Tip Type 3. Sizes: WF4-9.

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New Snowbee line/tippet

Snowbee XS FlurocarbonSnowbee have introduced three new tippet lines into their extensive range of products, first but by no means least is the new XS Fluorocarbon Clear, a superb, new-generation 100% Fluorocarbon, manufactured in Japan using the very latest 21st century technology. Snowbee XS Copolymer CamoThe next line up is the XS Stealth Copolymer Camo Nylon, this is an extension to the Clear XS range, the line has been treated to add natural green and brown colours, to blend effortlessly with its environment. Last Snowbee XS Copolymer Clearof the new range is the XS Copolymer Nylon, completely clear, this material has low stretch but superior in-line and knot strength for excellent presentation and fish holding performance.

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Shakespeare Agility Fly Lines

Shakespeare Agility Rise Floating Fly LineThis month Trout & Salmon have reviewed the new Shakespeare Agility Fly Lines. These lines are made to match the new Agility Fly Rods that were recommended in last months T&S, and as such they are accurately weighted to the AFTM ratings. Designed to be the ultimate light presentation line, these Agility All-Round Fly Lines are made for distance, presentation and control.
Shakespeare Agility Floating Fly Line The DT versions have a line length of 27 yards and come in twin colours of olive-green and sunshine yellow. They have a long, delicate front taper making them ideal for fishing dry flies, emergers and small nymphs.
The WF range come in floating, intermediate and sinking profiles and boast a new advanced slick coating, they also have a line Shakespeare Agility Intermediate Fly Linelength of 27 yards. They have a user-friendly no-nonsense taper (5′ front, 23′ belly, 19′ rear and 34′ running line). The twin colours of these lines are designed to identify the perfect loading point.
Agility Rise WF Floating Olive Green/Sunshine Yellow WF3- WF5.
Agility Rise DF Floating Olive Green/Sunshine Yellow WF3- WF5.
Agility WF Floating White/Green WF6-WF8.
Shakespeare Agility Medium Sink Fly LineAgility WF Intermediate Azure Blue/Green WF6-WF8.
Agility WF Medium Sinking Brown Green WF6-WF8.

Shakespeare Tackle available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Rio VersiTip Fly Line

One for the travelling angler, the Rio VersiTip II Fly Line is a powerful single-handed, easy casting interchangeable tip fly line designed for the travelling angler.
Each line comes with a selection of 4 inter-changeable tips that allow the angler to switch tips as fishing and water conditions change.
Rio VersiTip II Fly LineA unique mending and handling section at the back end of the head enables anglers to mend effectively and control the way the fly fishes at range. Ultra strong, slim welded loops on the front of each tip makes for superfast rigging, loop on the front end allow anglers to change rigs quickly.
Built with a supple cold water coating, this line will not tangle off the reel and comes with a handy wallet to keep the tips in.
Available in 4 sizes 7# to 10#. Each line is packaged with four 15ft tips: Floating – F,
Intermediate (1.5 – 2ips) – I, Type 3 Sink (3 – 4ips) – S3 and Type 6 Sink (6 – 7ips) – S6
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Rio Mainstream Spey Versitip Fly LineRio Gold Fly Line






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SB Granite Neoprene Waders - Boot foot & Stocking footSnowbee Diamond 4 piece Fly Rod






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Rio T1 Lines

The T1 series is targeted to the overall needs of the UK trout angler. These lines are designed to optimize rod performance with the faster mid-tip action rods that are so often used: The taper design helps to load these rods from the first false cast on a short line. The medium head length is manageable in all but the tightest of situations and allows the potential for long range casts. Capable of turning over the less friendly combinations of flies we sometimes require, yet adding a tapered leader will give the delicacy needed to present dries and small nymphs to more wary fish.
The slick self-lubricating coating on T1 Floating Lines and neat Rio welded loop are just two of the features not common on lines at this price. T1 lines undergo the same rigorous production processes and quality control standards as all RIO products and are all made in RIO’s factory in Idaho.

Floating WF5-WF8

Floating DT4-DT8

Clear Intermediate WF5-WF8

12′ Sink Tip WF6-WF8

Full Sink 3-4″ ips WF6-WF8

Warm Saltwater Floating WF8-WF12

An all-purpose saltwater line ideally suited for fly fishers fishing in temperate-to-tropical conditions for multiple species. The line features a hard tropical coating that will not soften in the heat. Based on the RIO Clouser taper that will turn over big flies in the wind.



Pike Floating WF8-WF10

Designed with a short front taper to easily load the rod and turn over big flies. The tropical coating holds up in the warmest conditions and the braided multifilament core ensures that there is no memory when the line is pulled off the reel.



Rio T1 Lines are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK


Rio Gold

In four years time Rio Gold will have a new meaning, at the moment it refers to the ultimate all-round fly line from Rio, in four years it will refer to ultimate athletes.

With a revolutionary design that allows for incredible loop stability at distance, a unique taper that allows a rod to load at close range and a positive front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2 , the RIO Gold is the ultimate all-around, floating line for freshwater fly fishing. The long back taper is excellent for mending and for roll and spey casting and the running line and head are different colours, making it easy to find the line’s perfect loading point. The line features RIO’s XS Technology for an extraordinarily slick, dirt-repelling coating, as well as RIO’s AgentX and Super Floatation Technology that ensure the tip and the running line will float high. A welded loop on both ends of the fly line facilitates changing leaders and allows for fast rigging and line changes.
Available in Moss/Gold 3# – 8# and Melon/Grey 5# – 8#.

A large range of Rio Fly lines are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK  


Loop Fly Lines

Having bought these three different lines, I have been trying them out! When I’ve been able to get out!
The first one is the Xact Floating WF4 in a lovely Moss Green colour, I dislike white or any bright coloured lines for general trout fishing in rivers, this is now my standard river trout line.

As the head is only 8.5m this loads the rod very quickly, which is great for tight river fishing, but is delicate enough for stealthy fishing!

The next is the Loop Evotec 100 Floating WF6 which I use for estuary fishing for bass and mullet, it is also used for small stillwaters and reservoir fishing.

This line with its 10m head cast a long distance with ease and is a joy to use!

The last line is the Evotec 85 Floating WF7, this is my sea trout line so I don’t mind it being white as this helps at night to locate the line, I do have very good night vision and find I can see the line if there is any light in the night sky.

This line like the Xact has a 8.5m head which helps load the rod quickly both on back casts and the more usual roll cast on our wooded rivers.

Three different lines for three different situations, it pays to pick your lines to match the fishing as well as your rod.

For details of all the Loop Lines available in stock visit Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK.