Vision Vipu Fly Rods

Vision Vipu Fly Rod 1

Vision Vipu Fly Rod 2Vision Vipu Fly Rods are made from 4 piece dark brown blanks and have a medium fast action, which will make them good all-rounders for almost every imaginable situation.
Bright yellow decals fit nicely with brown blank and the result is an exceptionally good-looking rod. The lighter class rods have reddish-brown (tiger stripes) wooden reel seats and heavier classes have black metallic reel seats.
The handles are either half wells or full wells depending naturally on the line class of the rod. Heavier rods have small fighting butts in case something colossal happens to grab your fly.
The full series includes seven four-piece rods and they are delivered in protective brown coloured cordura tubes. There might some truth in the comments, that Vision really don’t know how to put proper price tags on their rods – Vipu rods are that cheap.

Vision Fly Rods are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Vision Zulu Outfits

Vision Zulu OutfitThe Vision Zulu Outfits are real jewels. The Zulu 4 piece rods are a forgiving medium fast action, combined with quality Zulu reels and easy casting floating flylines. They are great gifts for beginners, but Vision’s pro guides tend to use them as well when they are fishing on their own. These kits are also ready for fishing – the backings, flylines and leaders are pre-spooled and the kits are packed into easily transportable short protective Cordura tubes with reel pouches.

The Zulu Outfits come in 3 sizes:-
8 foot 3/4# matching reel and line
9 foot 5/6# matching reel and line
9 foot 7/8# matching reel and line

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 Vision Zulu Outfits and other Vision Products visit
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Snowbee Filleting Knives etc.

There is a wide range of Snowbee Filleting Knives and Accessories as you would expect from one Britains leading Game Tackle Companies.

Snowbee Filleting GloveSnowbee Pakka KnifeSnowbee Knife SharpenerSnowbee Bait Knife






Snowbee PP Filleting KnifeSnowbee Folding Filleting KnifeSnowbee Filleting Glove
Snowbee 7″ Pakka Filleting Knife
Snowbee Knife Sharpener
Snowbee Bait/Gutting Knife
Snowbee 7″ PP Filleting Knife
Snowbee 6″ Folding Filleting Knife

Snowbee Products are available from
Fly Fishing Tackle Co Uk

Rapala Filleting Knives

The well known Rapala Filleting Knives from Finland are extremely sharp and most of them come with a sharpener.

RapalaEz Glide Filleting Knife

Rapala Delux Falcon Fillet KnifeRapala Soft Grip Fillet KnifeRapala Fish 'n' Fillet Knife

Rapala Presentation Fillet Knife








Rapala Finn Thinn Filleting Knife

Ez Glide 7″ Filleting Knife Razor Sharp Handground Stainless Steel.
Deluxe Falcon Fillet with built-in fine grade ceramic-sticks sharpener.
Soft Grip Fillet Knives 10cm and 19 cm include a single-stage sharpener.
Fish ‘n’ Fillet Knives 10cm and 19 cm include a single-stage sharpener.
Presentation Fillet Knives complete with black tooled oxhide sheath.
Rapala Finn Thinn Fillet Knife includes a single-stage sharpener.

Rapala Products are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Marttiini Filleting Knives

Marttiini’s Fishing and Filleting Knives from Finland have extremely sharp blades that are complimented by the blade’s extremely low friction. The Martef coating is hygienic, and all Marttiini Fishing series products are machine washable – with the proviso that the blade is not battered and dulled in the dishwasher.

Marttiini Superflex Filleting KnifeMarttiini Classic Filleting KnifeMarttiini Condor Golden Trout Filleting KnifeMarttiini Basic Filleting Knife









Classic Supperflex Filleting Knife in 4″, 6″ and 7.5″ blade lengths.
6″ Classic Filleting Knife.
Condor Golden Trout Filleting Knife in 6″ and 7.5″ blade lengths.
Basic Filleting Knife in 4″, 6″ and 7.5″ blade lengths.

Marttiini Knives are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Shakespeare Agility XPS Rod

Shakespeare Agility XPS Fly Rod


XPS stands for Extra Power Special and as the name suggests these rods are designed with a fast and powerful blank action required when casting heavy lines and big flies.
This power is also essential when targeting hard fighting predators in both fresh and saltwater. The Shakespeare Agility XPS Fly Rods have a slim, fast action blank that is both powerful and strong, it is fitted with Zirconium Oxide stripper guides, oversize stainless steel single leg guides, a full wells handle and an engraved aluminium reel seat.
There are two rods in the range, both 9′ 6″, a 8# and a 10#.

Shakespeare Agility Salt Water Rods are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co Uk

Shakespeare Agility Rise Rods

Shakespeare Agility Rise Rods 4piece

This compact range of light line rods draws inspiration from traditional style fly rod designs. However Shakespeare have utilized modern blank technologies to produce rods that not only look great but are extremely lightweight and provide a lovely smooth accurate action that is easy to load when casting at close range.
The Shakespeare Agility Rise Rods have Zirconium Oxide stripper guides, wooden style reel seat, AAA cork handle, slim half wells handle, with a Medium Action and is supplied in a cordura tube. The range of 6 rods is from a 6′ 3# to a 9′ 5#

Shakespeare Fly Rods are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK