Bamboo Fly Box Gifts

This range of Bamboo Fly Boxes will make a perfect gift at any time, they are made to a very high standard as you would expect from Turrall. The Selection Sets contain Turrall Flies, these flies are tied by Turralls own out workers using only the best materials, such as Metz Hackles and British Hooks.
If you think you need something else as a gift go to Fishing Gifts to see vast range of gifts for the fisherman or lady, or if you want something for a youngster see our previous post on Kids Fly Fishing Kits.

Turrall Hatch Match Selection Sets

A series of fly selections presented in a handsome Classic pocket-sized fly box crafted from mellowed split cane. Slotted foam inserts securely hold trout and salmon flies. Brass hinged with magnetic closure this beautiful box is lightweight and floats.
136 x 105 x 30mm. Each one offers a balanced choice of essential flies to match seasonal hatches and regional requirements. 32 Flies unless marked. The selections are:-
Match the Hatch SelectionCaddis/Sedge
Daddies (24 Flies)
Dry Flies
Irish Wet Flies
Mayflies (24 Flies)
Westcountry River Flies
Salmon Double (16 Flies)
Scottish Loch
Scottish River
Sea Trout (16 Flies)
Spring Hatch Match
Summer Hatch Match
Stillwater Essentials
Welsh Selection

Complete Fly SelectionsTurrall Complete River Selection (100 flies)

Turrall Complete Stillwater Selection (100 flies)

Complete fly selections containing 100 flies, presented in our mellow split cane Grande fly box.
Each one offers a balanced choice of essential flies for both river or stillwater fly fishing.
The Grande is a larger version of our Classic bamboo box for your complete fly collection. Holds approx 100 flies.
195 x 105 x 35mm.


Or if you prefer the Turrall Bamboo Fly Boxes on their own without flies.

The Grande. A larger version of our Classic bamboo box for your complete fly collection. Holds approx 100 flies. 195mm x 105mm x 35mm

The Slimline Fly Box

The Turrall Bamboo Slimline Fly Box

The Classic. A handsome pocket-sized fly box crafted from mellowed split cane.
Slotted foam inserts securely hold trout and salmon flies. Brass hinged with magnetic closure. finished with a natural satin lacquer, this beautiful box is lightweight and floats – but is almost too nice to take fishing. 130mm x 100mm x 25mm.

The Slimline. A slimline version of our classic bamboo box. Offers the same slotted foam on one side, with magnetic closure and brass hinges. Perfect pocket-sized box which holds approx 5 dozen trout flies. 135mm X 95mm X 20mm.

Click here for Turrall Bamboo Fly Boxes for other fly boxes and fly selections click here and for anything else go to Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK.


Fly-Tying Kits for Xmas

Thinking of taking up Fly Tying over the winter, then these Fly Tying Kits would make great Christmas presents, just drop a big hint!

Turrall Premium Fly Tying Kit With Tools – Fresh Water

Our proven and popular fly tying kit with tools packed into a 250 x 350 x 75mm ABS plastic carrying case and with the following materials:
Full Natural Cock Cape, Selected Cock Hackles in a variety of popular colours, Turkey Marabou, Red Ibis, Wool, Cock Pheasant, Tippet, Peacock Herl, Tinsel – Gold & Silver, Seal’s Fur Substitute in a variety of shades, Medium Chenille in popular colours, 4 Colours Floss, Duck Quills in several colours, Polywing, Grey Mallard Flank, Calf Tail, Hen Pheasant Quills, Flash Chenille, Fritz, Sparkle Chenille, Holographic, Maraflash, Crinkleflash, Flashabou Dubbing, 4 reels pre-waxed Tying Thread, Clear & Black Varnish, Scissors, Hackle Pliers, Dubbing Needle, Bobbin Holder, Vice, Beads, Variety of 72 Hooks in 9 popular types and sizes, Illustrated colour instructions.

Turrall Premium Fly Tying Kit With Tools – Salmon

Turrall Salmon KitOur proven and popular fly tying kit with tools packed into a 250 x 350 x 75mm ABS plastic carrying case and with the following materials:
Fly Tying Vice with clamp, Clear Varnish, Scissors, Hackle Pliers, Dubbing Needle, Bobbin Holder, 50 Double Salmon Hooks, 50 Single Salmon Hooks, 20 Treble Salmon Hooks, 10 Spools of Tying Thread and Tinsel, 2 packs of Golden Pheasant Tippet, 5 packs of Cock Hackles, 3 packs of Squirrel Hair, 1 pack of Guinea Fowl Feathers, 4 packs of Dyed Buck Tail, 1 pack of Peacock Herl, 1 pack of Crinkle Flash, 1 pack of Multi Flash, 1 pack of Mara Flash, 4 packs of Calf Tail, 2 packs of Flash Chenille, 2 packs of Medium Chenille, 2 packs of Fritz, Instruction Booklet.

Turrall Fly-Tying KitTurrall Fly Tying Kit

Contents include: Polywing, French Partridge, Brown Partridge, Tippet, Cock Hackles, Summer Duck, Mallard Flank, Calf Tails, Maraflash, Wool, Medium Chenille, Floss, Waxed Tying Thread, Vice, Bobbin Holder, Hackle Pliers, Scissors, Seal’s Fur Substitute, Duck Quills, Hen Pheasant Quills, Cock Pheasant Tail, Peacock Moon, Marabou, Red Ibis and a variety of 30 Hooks in 3 popular sizes.


Turrall Popular Kit with ToolsTurrall Popular Kit With Tools

Our proven and popular fly tying kit with tools in a 253mm x 340mm x 37mm carton carrying case that has proved a universal best seller for over 10 years.
Contents Include: All items in the Freshwater Premium Fly Tying Kit with 10% less materials.


Orvis Fly-Tying KitOrvis Fly Tying Kit

A great gift or the perfect starter kit. Catching a fish on a fly you tied is the greatest feeling in fishing. Orvis’s kit makes it easier than ever to get started. It contains the Orvis Fly Tying Manual, a cam-action vice, scissors, whip finisher, hackle pliers, dubbing needle, bobbin, bobbin threader, and hair stacker. Plus, hooks, dubbings, threads, saddles, head cement, wires and tinsels, beads, dumbbell eyes, chenille, marabou, hare’s mask, mottled turkey quills, Hun partridge, peacock herl, muskrat fur, deer tails, and Krystal Flash—so you can tie 8 patterns in the manual: Woolly Bugger, Clouser, Hare’s Ear, Bead Head Soft Hackle, Flashback Pheasant Tail, Adams, Emerging X Caddis, and Letort Hopper. All for far, far less than if you bought everything separately.

Lureflash Fly Tying Starter Kit

Lureflash Starter KitIncludes vice, tools, materials and hooks to tie over 12 different types of fly and includes fly tying instructions.
Materials – 1 x fritz, 1 x glitz, 1 x flash bright, 1 x flexi floss, 1 x black chenille, 1 x lime chenille, 1 x mixed antron body wool , 1 x medium silver tinsel, 1 x fly tying varnish, 1 x cock hackles, 1 x peacock herl, 1 x mixed marabou, 1 x mixed squirrel tail, 1 x black tying thread.
Tools – 1 x fly tying vices, 1 x bobbin holder, 1 x fly tying scissors, 1 x hackle pliers, 50 x hooks.
NOW WITH A FREE DVD – How To Start Tying Flies
(Kit content may vary according to stock levels).

Veniard Pinnacle Fly Tying Kit

Veniard Pinnacle KitOur most comprehensive kit containing:- materials, tools, a vice and hooks, to tie hundreds of different patterns of flies.
Packed in a superb quality European made plastic box.
The Zenith box has a large deep top storage section and 4 trays that slide out all with adjustable sections.
Designed to be strong enough to sit on, it has a convenient carry handle on top making it the perfect mobile fly tying case.
The complete Pinnacle kit and box.
Approx. 42cm width x 30cm depth x 40cm height.
The box is also available separately without any tools or materials.

Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit

Veniard Premium KitEnough materials for 1000’s of flies….
This new kit addresses both the traditional and newer trends in fly tying with a plethora of materials, there is enough in this kit to satisfy the keen beginner and established fly-tyer alike. It is ideal for any level of experience, in all areas of the craft.
There is a heavy emphasis on new materials such as Glister, Cactus & Krystal.
The hooks supplied cover a variety of types of prime quality. There is a basic set of tools, but no vice, this item being a matter of personal choice.

Veniard Paramount Fly-Tyers Kit

Veniard Paramount KitThis kit contains an enormous range of materials, tools, hooks and a good quality lever operated vice, enabling the user to tie flies for all types of fish. Packed into a smart ’Clyde’ wooden fly tying cabinet.
CONTENTS : Marabou – Cell Foam – Hare Mask Seal fur subs – SLF – Suspender Balls – Booby eyes – Peacock herl – Mixed Ostrich – Spike Guard – Mallard wings – Hen Pheasant wings Black Squirrel tail – Guinea Fowl blue – Assorted Beads – CDC – Teal flank – Cock capes – Cactus chenille colours – Krystal flash – Magic glass – Golden Pheasant No 2 head – Deer hair- Elk hair Holo tinsel – Cellire No 1. Varnish – Hooks Partridge – Brown back – Goose Biots – Suede chenille – Thin Skin – Small Bronze mallard – Stiff antron – Mixed Squirrel tail – Small Mylar Pearl Fly bodies – French Partridge nat. – Uni Flex 6/o Uni thread – Pearl braid -Uni 2 tone tinsel Uni Floss – Lead wire – Gold and silver wire – Glo brite floss – Cock pheasant tails natural and olive – Glo brite Multiyarn – Instruction booklet/trout – Wax – Pearl Mylar tinsel – Tool kit – Vice No 12 lever-action – Premium kit Clyde box

Veniard Beginners BookVeniard Beginners Fly Tying Book

Chris Mann & Terry Griffiths
This excellent book is targeted at the raw beginner to fly tying and as such uses simple and understandable language to describe to a novice just what it takes to make a fishing fly fit to fish with at the earliest opportunity. Some of the finer points of fly tying wizardry are unveiled and will be of interest to the beginner and more experienced alike.

Veniard Beginners MaterialsVeniard Fly Tying Materials Kit

The materials in this kit have been sourced to compliment the book and has enough of everything, including hooks used to tie any of the patterns, it gives an excellent insight into all the bits and pieces which make fly tying such an absorbing craft and pastime.


Shakespeare Deluxe Fly-Tying KitShakespeare Deluxe Fly Tying Tool Kit

Beautifully presented in a wooden case, this Deluxe Fly Tying Kit holds everything the fly fisherman needs.
High-quality stainless steel fly tools sit neatly within the box while the vice opens out securely for precision.

Neoprene Wader Offer

It’s that time of year when the Breathable’s go up into the loft and the Neoprene’s come down, a quick inspection and you remember how much they were leaking when you put them away! We have a sale on Snowbee Granite Neoprene Waders at 30% off while stocks last!

Snowbee Granite Neoprene Waders

Snowbee Granite Neoprene WadersSnowbee’s popular Granite Neoprene range, with STYRENE CHLOROPRENE RUBBER (SCR) Neoprene.This blended Neoprene has similar properties to their old very soft, very elastic CR Neoprene, but with elasticity up to 60% more than CR grade, making it even more comfortable and reliable. By popular request the Granite waders are Olive Green in colour.

30% OFF Whilst Stocks Last

12081 4mm Neoprene Bootfoot Chest Waders:- Heavy duty, moulded PVC boot – neoprene lined for warmth and comfort. Unique 3-part kneepads – double layer neoprene, plus 2-piece resin impregnated knee pad which is puncture and chafe resistant and allows flexibility for greater kneeling comfort. Additional front hand-warmer pocket.
Sizes: 6 to 13

Snowbee bootfoot and combi felt-sole12081FB Fuller Body (FB) sizes:- The same features as Snowbee’s standard Neoprene waders, but with body sizes approximately 15% larger.
Sizes: 8 to 12 only

12081JNR Junior / Ladies sizes:- A quality bootfoot combi felt-sole Neoprene chest wader, designed specifically for Juniors and Ladies.
Sizes: 4 (37) and 5 (38).

Snowbee Granite Knee reinforcement 12080 4mm Neoprene Stockingfoot Chest Waders:- Unique 3-panel design Neoprene sock – no seams run under the foot. Shaped foot design to avoid slack material inside your wading boots.
Sizes: S (5-7), M (8-9), L (10-11), X L(11-13), XXL (13-14)

Snowbee Granite Neoprene Waders are available from
Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Vision Fishing Jackets

If you’re looking for a new fishing jacket, whether it’s for wading or for bank fishing, have a look at the range of Vision Jackets, you’re bound to find one to suit you.

Vision Opas Jacket

This technical jacket is made with the best materials and components available.
It features Riri®’s highly water-resistant Aqua Zip® main zipper and YKK®’s AquaGuard® zippers on pockets. The cut is a bit longer and slimmer fit type with strongly curved sleeves. 6 pockets, including a big cargo pocket on back, give you a lot of space for your boxes and accessories. The fleece lined high collar protects your neck from nasty winds even when the hood is down or rolled inside the collar.
• Technical jacket with slightly slimmer fit
• Riri’s Aqua Zip main zipper
• YKK’s AquaGuard zippers on pockets
• Strongly curved sleeves
• 6 pockets, including a big back pocket
• Fleece lined high collar for wind protection
• Rollable hood

Vision Kura Jacket

Simple but solid. The Kura jacket is a slim fit three-layer jacket, made from F3.5 fabric.
It has a roomy barrel pocket on each side and soft hand warming pockets. It doesn’t have internal lining preventing breathability or making it slower to dry. Jacket has one exterior Napoleon pocket with a zipper. Its main zipper is YKK® Aqua Guard®, which combined with dual storm flaps will provide excellent water and wind protection also in the zipper area. Small pockets on top of the barrel pockets are equipped with YKK® zippers. It has Velcro adjustable cuffs and adjustable helm to keep the cold air out. 3-way adjustable hood keeps your head dry and protects from rogue flies…
• One exterior Napoleon pocket with a zipper– Waterproof & breathable F3.5 fabric
• 3 – layer construction for high breathability & quick drying
• Water resistant YKK® Aqua Guard® – zippers / YKK® zippers
• 2 roomy barrel pockets + 2 small zipper pockets on top of them
• Fleece lined hand warmer pockets
• 3 – way adjustable hood. Possible to roll inside the collar
• High collar with fleece lining
• 2 nylon loops for forceps
• Adjustable wrist cuffs

Vision Speed Jacket

These high performance jackets work well and look great! The strong but light 3 layer fabric is breathable and quick drying. A no-seam shoulder cut, four large water-resistant cargo pockets, fleece lined handwarmer pockets and YKK AquaGuard zippers are just some of the features on-board. A 3 way adjustable storm hood and water-repellent “no tangle” adjustable cuffs give protection when other have left the water. Two colours to choose from!
Waterproof & breathable F4 fabric
3 – layer construction for high breathability & quick drying.
Water resistant YKK® Aqua Guard®
– zippers.
2 roomy cargo pockets.
2 barrel pockets.
Fleece lined hand warmer pockets.
3 – way adjustable hood.
Hood is possible to roll inside the collar.
High collar with fleece lining.
4 elastic loops for accessories.
2 nylon loops for forceps.
Adjustable wrist cuffs.
Speed Jacket – Green 10% OFF WHILST STOCKS LAST

Vision Vector Jacket – Green

A close relative of the Speed Jacket, Vector shares the same high performance fabric
and highly breathable 3-layer construction. 2 large vertical cargo pockets with two smaller secure pockets built-in, handwarmer pockets, adjustable hood and accessory loops complete a jacket that offers a new level of performance in this price range.
• 3 Layer
• No seams shoulder cut
• Tangle-free design cuff and waist adjustments
• Water resistant and quick drying cuffs
• 2 Large cargo pockets with dividers in front
• 2 Nylon utensil hoops
• Hand Warmer pockets
• 3-Way adjustable hood



Vision Vector Jacket – Gray

As above but with
30% OFF







Vision Atom Jacket

Bad weather can surprise you even in summer. Get ready for it and have Atom in your backpack’s pocket. This 2,5-layer jacket packs into very small space and it weighs only
a fraction over 300 grams.
It is of course breathable and waterproof and has YKK®’s water resistant zippers.
The simple design with only a chest pocket is ideal for those who wear chest packs.
Available in black and light olive-green.
Waterproof and breathable F3- fabric
Packs into very small space
2.5 – layer construction for high breathability and quick drying
Water resistant YKK® Aqua Guard® –zippers
3-way adjustable hood
Adjustable wrist cuffs
One flat chest pocket

Vision Jackets are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Gifts for Fishermen

Whether it’s for Christmas or a Birthday, here are just a few ideas for Gifts for fishermen and women from the website.

Dr Slick barb crushing clampBarb-Crushing Scissor Clamp
Designed to crush barbs and work with small flies. This clamp features a heavy box blade scissor for cutting really stout materials. A smooth-jawed more powerful version of the popular scissor clamps.

Made by Dr Slick, Montana, USA 



Scissor ClampsDr Slick scissor clamps
Serrated scissor for cutting tippet/leader material, trimming flies etc. Also a straight edge screwdriver for streamside reel and boat repair.

Made by Dr Slick, Montana, USA 




Dr Slick Hat KeeperHat Keeper
Powerful alligator clips help keep your favorite fishing hat from blowing away by attaching one clip to your hat and the other to your shirt collar or vest.

Made by Dr Slick, Montana, USA 



Dr Slick Brass Hair StackerBrass Hair Stacker
Brass Hair Stacker the traditional choice. Smooth action and heavy. Low static build up.

Made by Dr Slick, Montana, USA 


Justfish melamine placematsSet Of 6 Flies Melamine Place mats
Each place mat features a different fly within a classic deep green border. Hand made in Scotland, this melamine tableware is heat-resistant to 130°C, will not scratch and is easily wiped clean.

Tableware for Fishermen



Justfish melamine coastersSet Of 6 Flies Melamine Coasters
Hand made in Scotland, this melamine tableware is heat-resistant to 130°C, will not scratch and is easily wiped clean. Each coaster features a different fly. The ideal accompaniment for Flies Melamine Place mats. Tableware for Fishermen


Justfish mouse mat & coasterGame Fishing Mouse Mat & Coaster
A perfect home office companion for mugs – keeping your table free of unsightly marks, and your computer mouse running smoothly.

Tableware for Fishermen


Justfish Directory of Salmon FliesThe Complete Illustrated Directory of Salmon Flies
The most comprehensive Directory of Salmon Flies ever published! Over 1800 salmon and steelhead flies – each one illustrated in colour and with its full dressing provided – make this the definitive reference, the all-in-one volume for salmon anglers and fly-tyers throughout the world.

Fishing Books and Calendars

Enigmatic Sea Trout DVD The Enigmatic Sea Trout DVD
Techniques to suit all water conditions are demonstrated for catching sea-trout in this great video. The Enigmatic Sea Trout DVD includes a remarkable infra-red sequence of night fly-fishing in which the mystery and excitement of this method are revealed. Filmed exclusively on the beautiful and prolific River Dovey, this film not only entertains and informs, but addresses the very issues that threaten the survival of this the most capricious of our game fish. Fishing DVDs

Brown Trout MugDecorative China Mug Brown Trout
Attractive and informative English decorative fine bone china mug (height 8 1/2cm / 3 1/4 inches ). Features a picture of the fish in an underwater scene on one side of the mug, with written information about the fish on the back. A small fly motif is featured inside the mug. Dishwasher proof using non abrasive detergent.

Tableware for Fishermen

Full Dress CalendarFull Dress Calendar 2012
• Unique collection of 12 flies of Major John Popkin Traherne and most probably the first calendar of this type in the world.
• Very high esthetic quality that is rarely encountered in fishing calendars.
• Size (50 cm – 42 cm) and high substance lacquered paper (300 g/m).
• Limited edition item, ideal as a gift.

Fishing Books and Calendars




Women in waders 2013Women In Waders Calendar 2013
The worlds biggest selling fishing calendar!

Fishing Books and Calendars




For many more Gift Ideas visit Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

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