Vision Renfors Salmon Reel

Vision pays tribute to their Finnish heritage with the new Renfors Salmon Reel

In this reel Vision have managed to combine modern technology with the classical look you find from a top of the range vintage reel!

The Renfors reel is just as at home with an old cane rod as it is with a top-of-the-line modern carbon rod. Its antique grey matt finish together with the large number of holes, widening towards the outer rim gives it a classical look. When you pull the line out of the reel, the loud clicking sound from the ratchet will bring back lots of memories at least for the older anglers. But do not let the look or the sound fool you. Inside is a first-class brake package well capable of stopping that-fish-of-a-lifetime in due time. This reel has truly a winning combination of old-age looks and modern technology. Salmon, seatrout and steelhead around the world, beware, Vision Renfors reels have arrived.

•Classic looks
•Antique grey colour
•Brass parts
•Japanese made custom one way bearing
•Hand finished two-tone hard anodizing
•Precision machined bar stock high-grade aluminium
•Smooth and strong Carbon / stainless steel disc brake
•Classical looking wooden handle
•Available in two sizes Renfors 3 (#7-9) and Renfors 4 (#9-11)

Vision Reels are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK


Lamson Reels 4

Lamson Velocity II

Available with 1/2 Price Spare Spool

• True Large arbour format.
• Aerospace aluminium structure.
• Choice of Type III Hard Alox™ or Type II anodized finish.
• Near zero start-up inertia.
• Patented Conical drag (uprated in V4.0).
• X model spools interchange with standard models.
• Limited Lifetime Warranty.
• Made in U.S.A.

Velocity has always represented value for money: a large arbour, lightweight but durable reel with excellent drag performance; all at an affordable price. Three years ago we were able to offer our Hard Alox finish, previously reserved for our highest-priced reels, as an added-value feature to Velocity. Now with the introduction of Velocity Nickel we give you the choice of yet another first in our range at this price: ported arbour to quicken line drying and produce the lightest Velocity ever. The Velocity Nickel is finished in the same beautiful type 2 anodize that we use on Guru, and is further accented with our trademark burnt-orange anodized drag cassette. You now have a choice at the same price: Velocity Hard Alox for an incredibly tough finish, or the lighter and brighter Velocity Nickel.

Lamson Reels and Spare Spools are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co Uk

Varivas Leaders

In most years the rivers would be low and getting lower by now and I would be fishing midge and aphid patterns in small sizes, I would be fishing fine and far off using Varivas Yamame leaders, to these I would add a two to three foot tippet, giving me a leader of fifteen to eighteen feet. these leaders cast beautifully without having to have to much line outside the rod tip!
Varivas Yamame Tapered Leaders
Keiichero Iwai, Japan’s master of Yamame Trout fishing, developed these leaders with VARIVAS® as the ideal leaders for pursuing these fish in mountain steams with light tackle. It is easy enough to find lightweight rods and reels that can deliver on delicate presentation however, there was always a difficulty to find the hooks to tie tiny flies, tippet to connect them and leaders long enough and fine enough to present a tiny midge to the easily spooked Yamame. With this background, VARIVAS® brought together know-how and expertise to create what is probably the world’s most delicate dry fly presentation system.

Yamame Leader
Yamame Leaders were developed with presentation in mind – 14 feet long and available in 4X to 8X, they are ideal for use on chalk streams when presenting tiny flies to easily spooked fish. With 43% butt, gradual taper over 17% and long point of 40%, they are made of pure nylon so have low / no memory and are very supple.
Clear / Taper:- 43 : 17 : 40 (%).


This one is my favourite!
Varivas Flat-Butt Yamame Leader
Flat-Butt Leaders are the latest innovation in tapered leaders – with the sole aim of providing the fly-fisher with delicate presentation and ideal turn-over.
12 feet long and available in 4X 5X 6X and 7X, they are ideal for use with the dry flies used on our chalk streams. With 55% butt and a gradual taper over 28% with a relatively short point of 17%.
These unique leaders have a flat butt for additional suppleness and ease of knotting – the yellow-coloured butt and taper make these leaders highly visible to the fly-fisher while maintaining stealth with a clear point section. Produced from pure nylon, they are supple from butt to point and have no memory, making them ideal for delicate presentation.
Taper:-  55 : 28 : 17 (%)

 Varivas Tapered Leaders
Varivas Tapered Leaders are the ultimate in knotless leaders for the discerning fly-fisher. They provide the ideal solution to specialist fly fishing situations. Some manufacturers produce tapered leaders as 15 foot stock then cut them into 6 foot, 7.5 foot, 9 foot or 12 foot lengths. Varivas however, takes a different approach by designing each different leader for its own specific application … giving the fly-fisher the optimal taper profile to best suit the situation, produced with its taper ratios always in proportion to leader length. ALL VARIVAS TAPERED LEADERS are “Resin Coated” and “Non-Stress Coated” to ensure low memory, abrasion and water resistance, and prolonged life for both fresh and salt water applications.

Varivas Standard
Camouflaged with a green butt section and a clear tip to aid stealth. Available in 7.7 foot, 9 foot and 12 foot lengths in 0X to 7X. With 40% butt and a gradual taper over 40% and 20% point. Ideal all rounder for stealth and river use.


Varivas All Purpose – Fluorocarbon
Sensitive, powerful and durable. Available in 9 foot, 12 foot and 15 foot lengths from 0X to 7X (depending on length). The 9 and 12 foot leaders have 45% butt and a gradual taper over 25% with a longish 30% point whereas, the 15 footers come with a 55% butt, tapering over 30% with a 15% point making them very suitable for deep lake situations.

 Varivas Specialist Dry Fly
Available in 9 and 12 foot leaders in 4X to 7X weights. With 50% butt, 20% taper and 30% point this configuration provides a fine supple butt, super long point ideal for delicate presentation.

 Varivas Underwater Nymph And Wet
Available in 7.5 and 9 foot leaders in 0X to 3X weights. With 20% butt, 30% taper and 50% point this configuration provides a short butt and long taper for rapid descent of wet fly or nymph.


Varivas Salmon / Light Seawater
Suitable for the heaviest fresh and salt water species such as salmon, sea trout, sea bass, stripers, tarpon and bonefish etc. Produced from clear material with a heavy diameter, long butt section to turn over the heaviest flies. Available in both 10 and 15 foot lengths to provide for the needs of spring and late season low water situations is offered in all weights between 20lb (-4X) and 6lb (3X). With 60% butt, 25% taper and 15% point this configuration provides a long, heavy duty power butt section to withstand aggressive action in tough conditions.

Varivas Lake Retrieve
The profile of these leaders has been developed specifically to get small flies to depth as quickly as possible by having a long point – with fine supple butt section in combination with the super long point are ideal for delicate presentation of buzzers and nymphs
14 ft Leader available in -2X to 5X with the taper ratio of 20% butt, 22% taper and 55% point


FREE Varivas Leader Wallet worth £8.00 if you buy 20 or more Varivas Leaders!




Varivas Leaders, Tippets and Fly Tying Hooks are all available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Temple Fork Rods

Buying a new rod can be difficult, there are so many factors to be taken into account, length, line weight and action are just a few. Rod action is a subject all in its self, there are forums online that discuss this at great length and will help to understand the basics and terminology.
Temple Fork Outfitters came up with an easy to understand system for rating their rods which are designed by Lefty Kreh:-

Rod Performance Matrix
Years ago, Lefty Kreh explained his basis for rod design. “There are three things we can emphasize in rod design at TFO……..Presentation, Distance, and Lifting.” Presentation involves accuracy and the manner in which the fly and leader land on the water. Delicacy of presentation may not be a major factor when targeting a species like tuna but it can be all important when tempting trout in a gin-clear stream. Distance of course, refers to how far you can deliver your offering. In some situations this may matter little, in others it can spell the difference between success and failure. Finally, in the fish fighting phase the rod’s primary function is related to its lifting power, a critical consideration when a big fish dogs you in the depths.
Of course, no one rod can perform each of these functions to its maximum potential. But at TFO their rod series are designed to handle virtually every kind of fishing scenario you are likely to encounter. By consulting the charts you can easily select a rod that features a mix of functions that is most suitable for the kind of fishing you’ll be doing. You won’t be disappointed.

BVK Series Fly Rods

A finely tuned instrument – lightweight and highly responsive.

BVK rods are fast action rods designed to excel in Presentation and Distance. The rich translucent olive blanks are topped with matching braided carbon fiber reel seats, their exclusive Tactical Series Stripping Guides*, ultra lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless snake guides and flor grade grips that are comfortably contoured and uniquely contrasted. Available in 3 – 10 weight.
* TFO’s Tactical Series Guides are high performance guides designed to withstand the most rigorous fishing conditions while providing the ultimate in weight savings. The guides feature super hard-chrome anodized, stainless steel inserts pressed into a machined, hard-annodized, stainless steel frame for extreme durability in both fresh and saltwater.

Ti Cr X Series Fly Rods

The evolution of the Lefty Kreh TiCr X Series has been fascinating. Imagine Lefty Kreh taking a prototype and saying “this is a nice rod but…” Then imagine new mandrels and as many as 6 prototypes later having him say, “PERFECT!”

Lefty designed the TiCr X Series to be a powerful angling tool. Rod weights 5-8 are designed to present flies at distant targets. Rod weights 9-12 have the power to launch larger flies and to lift an angry fish out of the depths. The reserve power in the TiCr X Series give these rods the ability to carry a lot of line in the air and can easily be over lined for close-in work. The X rod’s blue finish spring to life in a little sunlight while the flor grade cork, oversized titanium oxide stripping guides, and uplocking reel seat with cushioned hoods top off this ultimate package of form and function.

Finesse Series Fly Rods

Branches everywhere and grass up to you ears. The perfect spot for this rod.

Lefty Kreh Finesse Rods complement the TFO line by offering a more “traditional” taper and action for those who fish small flies and fine tippets on light lines. These are the ideal rods for meadow streams, limestone creeks, and spring creeks. At short to medium distances, Lefty Kreh Finesse rods cast effortlessly, turning over long leaders easily.
The shorter lengths are perfect for tight quarters while the longer length rods will keep a back cast well above tall grasses. Lefty Kreh Finesse rods are handsomely appointed with Rosewood inserts on an up locking reel seat which nicely accentuates the deep olive finish.

 Professional Series Fly Rods

Initial available in three sizes these travel rods have taken TFO’s reputation to new levels.

Previously offered as our Western/Saltwater/Steelhead Series, we’ve merged them into what Lefty says are the perfect rods for all anglers and skill levels. These medium fast and progressive action rods are smooth casting and are an incredible value. Traveling anglers can afford to take them as a backup, but often return with a new favourite.
Cosmetics include matte black finished blanks and subtle gold logos. They feature alignment dots colour coded by line weight, premium grade cork, and oversized stripper guides. Each rod comes with an attractive logoed rod sock.

All these rods retail for less than £200, which isn’t bad for American rods designed by a well-known instructor and one of the pioneers of Saltwater Fly Fishing.

Temple Fork Rods are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK 

Fishpond Wildhorse Tech Pack

Wether you’re fishing on remote Dartmoor streams, hiking up to fish a Highland Loch or fishing up a remote river in New Zealand, then you need a pack that will carry all the gear you need in comfort, that’s where the Wildhorse Tech Pack from Fishpond comes in.

Built for comfort and capacity. The Wildhorse Tech Pack stands alone with its high-capacity backpack and versatile design. Carry all the gear you’ll need to reach even the most remote water.
“One-size-fits-most” adjustable shoulder and waist strap design.
Eight large front pockets.
Two signature, zip down fly bench with replaceable foam, patented molded pocket design.
Two water-resistant front pockets with taped seams and splash-proof YKK zippers.
Four large interior pockets.
Fishpond’s unique lightweight, waterproof and breathable fabric.
Integrated rod tube holder.
Two large backpack cargo compartments.
One roomy waterproof compartment for camera, cell, etc.
Gear attachment tabs, cord loops, and D-ring net lash.
Hemostat keeper.
Holds up to 100 oz. Fishpond Waterlog Hydration Reservoir (Optional).
Size: One size fits most
Colour: Barnwood
Volume 1,343 cu. in. (Backpack)
Dimensions 18” x 10” x 10.5” (Backpack)

The Wildhorse Tech Pack and other Fishpond products are available from
Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Lamson Reels 3

Lamson Litespeed II

Available with 1/2 Price Spare Spool

• True large arbour format.
• Patented conical drag system (uprated in 4.0).
• Near zero start up inertia.
• Type III ultra hard finish Hard Alox™.
• Aerospace aluminium +17-14/303 stainless structure.
• X model spools interchange with standard models.
• Limited Lifetime Warranty.
• Made in U.S.A.

This season Litespeed reels adopt the ergonomic and structural improvements introduced on the 2011 Anniversary Series Litespeed. The spool profile has been flattened slightly and the handle moved outboard to keep knuckles away from moving parts; the drag knob has been redesigned for better grip. As with our other premium reels, pocket milling the spool face and integrating the counterbalance increases strength and stiffness without adding weight. The Litespeed II Hard Alox™ comes in a close second to a corresponding Force reel in terms of retrieve rate and weight, and each shares our patented maintenance free, super smooth conical drag.

Lamson Reels and Spare Spools are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co Uk

Marryat 7′ 4# Rod

With all the rain this year the bankside growth has been phenomenal, I’m starting to struggle with my 8′ 4#, so it’s over to the Marryat 7′ 4# for the last part of the season, just right for flicking dries and nymphs under the overhanging vegetation where the trout will be.

The Marryat Tactical Rod is the result of a full year’s research and combines the input from some of the world’s finest fisherman, including two world fly fishing champions, the best manufacturers with a great deal of experience and hundreds of hours casting and fishing.
This light-weight modern rod is powerful, fast and accurate suited to both dry-fly and nymph fishing, it looks good and is so light and so responsive that it meets all of the fly fishers demands and expectations.
• 4-piece construction packs away for ease of travel in a specially designed cloth bag and its own embroidered cordura tube – square cross-section prevents it from rolling off the car or out of the boat!
• Hard-chrome titanium single-foot rings for improved action and reduced weight with matching low profile, lined stripping guide rings.
• Top quality cork handle with green aluminum fittings and a maple burl wood spacer compliments the beautiful deep green blank and whippings.
• Available in #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7/8, in lengths 7 foot, 8 foot, 9 foot and 10 foot lengths.
• The high modulus blank has been specially designed to be light weight, accurate and provide the power to punch a big lure into the wind or delicately present a dry-fly under a tree.

Marryat Tactical Fly Rods are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK