Spooling Stations from Berkley

Berkley Classic Reel Spooling StationLine management made easy from Berkley! For loading line onto your reels these two Spooling Stations are among some of their best-selling classics, easy loading and supreme line lay guaranteed!

Berkley Portable Reel Spooling StationThe Classic Reel Spooling Station is intended for home use, while the Portable Line Spooling Station does what it says and can be used anywhere. They are both easy to use, produce excellent line lay and make line loading very easy.

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Trace Wire from AFW

American Fishing Wire Surflon Micro Supreme Camo WireIf you’re out fly fishing for Pike you will love these trace
wires from American Fishing Wire, flexible, kink resistant and you can tie knots in them.
Surflon Micro Supreme Camo 26 lb is perhaps the best leader wire available! It is a miniature 49 strand stainless steel wire that is extremely flexible and kink resistant.
It can be knotted to your fly and leader like monofilament,
it provides greater flexibility and less stretch than monofilament and is generally smaller diameter per pound test, and therefore, less visible in the water.
Surflon Micro Supreme Camo is extra limp and has virtually no memory or stretch.
The wire enhances the action of your flies and adds a level of realism never before attainable using wire or other leader materials such as monofilament and fluorocarbon.
American Fishing Wire Surflon Micro UltraSurflon Micro Ultra Camo 26 lb has a smooth nylon coating that aids kink resistance, providing longer life and makes the wire easy to knot. You can attach this leader wire using common monofilament knots. The limp, supple qualities make it especially well-suited for fly fishing tippet and predator leaders where life-like fly presentation is required along with strong bite protection. Surflon Micro Ultra is an economical alternative to Surflon Micro Supreme.
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Affordable Wooden Landing Nets

Pacific Fly Classic Wooden Landing NetWhen you’re fishing on streams and rivers for wild fish your landing net doesn’t have to be huge, unless you are very lucky or have access to rivers were the trout and grayling grow to a big size.
Most of the time if you are like me the fish average out at between 8″ and !0″. This can mean you have caught lots of little ones and a few big ones or you’ve caught most of your fish in the 6″ to 12″ bracket.
Pacific Fly South Island Wooden Landing NetThe Pacific Fly Nets come in two sizes with black knotless nets.
The Pacific Classic Net is a small stream wading net, with a hoop size of 13.75″ by 8.5″. Overall length 20.5″.
The Pacific South Island Net is a river wading net, with a hoop size of 15″ by 11″. Overall length 22.5″.
These nets are available on the  Pacific Fly Nets Page.

Polarized Sunglasses at EyeLevel

EyeLevel Sunglasses provide high quality polarised and UV lenses for fishing and other sports activities at very competitive prices. We rank them the number one low-cost brand on the market.

EyeLevel Polaroid Sunglasses 1The Sports Sunglasses come in a wide range of styles and lens colours to suit you and the situation, from the Carp, Fish Spotter, Tidal, Fisherman and Float Spotter to the Marlin, Predator and piranha.

Eye Level Polaroid Sunglasses 2The Pro Angler range of fishing glasses also comes in a wide range of styles and lens, from the Pro Angler Bass to the Waters Edge, again you can find a style and colour to suit you.

EyeLevel Polaroid Wire Frame SunglassesIf you prefer wire frames the Metal Range will have something for you or you could try the Driver Range with its copper lenses for enhanced vision or the yellow lens for enhanced night vision.

Eye Level OverglassesFor those of us who have to wear prescription glasses, long or short lowvision there is the option of either Over Glasses  in a range of sizes to fit your glasses or Clip-Ons in a range of sizes  in either amber or tray, all at a sensible price.

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