Vision Hopper Wading Boots

If you want a pair of light weight wading boots for travel or just because you like boots that don’t feel like a ton of bricks when you hiking up a river, then these are the boots for you!

Hopper wading boots are very light in weight and remind you more of the hiking boots. They are made out of strong nylon material and re-enforced with rubber bumper.
The shoe opens up wide so it is very easy to put on and the nylon lace loops hold the laces while you tighten them up. High design with neoprene cushioning maximizes the comfort and support. Hoppers are available with either full felt or Vibram Idrogrip rubber sole with tungsten studs. The Vibram option is especially useful if you are going to be travelling to a country where felt soles are banned to minimise the spread of invasive species.

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Redington Classic Trout Rods

This is a truly elegant and traditional family of rods going back to the classic styles of casting and fishing. These handsome rods were designed with a lightweight medium action that is perfect for all types of trout fishing. The rods range in size from 2wt up to 6wt. Also included in the line are two 6 piece rods that fit in a briefcase and are built for the backpacker and traveller.

• 100% Toray Japanese Graphite (50 million modulus).
• Machined aluminium reel seat with rose dynawood insert.
• A grade Portuguese cork handles.
• Titanium Oxide stripping guides.
• Alignment dots and ferrule designations on all models.
• Cordura hard tube and Redington Warranty.

In conjunction with the Devon School of Flyfishing we are offering one hour free casting tuition from a top AAPGAI instructor at the Fox & Hounds Country Hotel, Eggesford, Devon for anyone who purchases a new Redington fly rod from this online shop, or our shop in Crediton. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Bass Fishing

Three of us went Bass Fishing in North Devon on Saturday and had a tremendous day. To start with we were a bit worried that the estuary would still be coloured after all the rain, but although there was still some colour in the water, you could see your boots when you were knee deep! Best of all the Bass could see the flies. I had the first fish on my third cast and soon all three of us were catching.

Between the three of us we were using a variety of tackle, rods by Snowbee and Orvis, reels by Vision and Orvis, lines by Loop and flies by Turrell, Fulling Mill and me!

We fished the tide down and then the first few hours of the flood, all of us soon lost count of the number of fish we were catching and many times we would all have fish on. Most of the fish were in the 10 to 12″ range with the biggest at 14″ with some tiddlers.

With all fish released, we made the long walk back to the car park and agreed that it had been a splendid day and that a swift half on the way home was in order!

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Loop Fly Lines

Having bought these three different lines, I have been trying them out! When I’ve been able to get out!
The first one is the Xact Floating WF4 in a lovely Moss Green colour, I dislike white or any bright coloured lines for general trout fishing in rivers, this is now my standard river trout line.

As the head is only 8.5m this loads the rod very quickly, which is great for tight river fishing, but is delicate enough for stealthy fishing!

The next is the Loop Evotec 100 Floating WF6 which I use for estuary fishing for bass and mullet, it is also used for small stillwaters and reservoir fishing.

This line with its 10m head cast a long distance with ease and is a joy to use!

The last line is the Evotec 85 Floating WF7, this is my sea trout line so I don’t mind it being white as this helps at night to locate the line, I do have very good night vision and find I can see the line if there is any light in the night sky.

This line like the Xact has a 8.5m head which helps load the rod quickly both on back casts and the more usual roll cast on our wooded rivers.

Three different lines for three different situations, it pays to pick your lines to match the fishing as well as your rod.

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Loop Cross S1 Switch Rod

In this months Trout and Salmons review of 7# Switch Rods the Loop Cross S1 10′ 7″  comes out on top. Reviewer Jim Curry commented “One of the very best rods.” “I was expecting a rod of the highest order and that’s exactly what Loop have produced.”

Reviewer Gary Champion commented “A fabulous little rod.” “It performed excellently with all lines, single and double-handed. I threw better loops with this than anything else on test.”
It is as well to remember, as mentioned in the article that you will need two different lines if you are going to chop and change from spey to overhead casting. So you need to make sure you have the right lines for the job, as the spey line will be too heavy for overhead casting and your single hand line won’t be heavy enough for speycasting!
Line ratings/rod ratings, now there is a minefield. Follow the link on the website to get Loops line weightings to suit their rods.
Loop Cross S1 Switch Rods are available from Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK

Snowbee Geo 560 Cassette

Trout and Salmon have reviewed the Geo 560 Cassette reel in this months magazine. Following the success of Snowbees’ popular #790 Cassette model, the all new #560 Cassette reel offers the convenience of a casette system to small stillwater and river anglers. All the features of the #790C but in a smaller size.  Machined from the best quality solid bar stock aluminium with clear polycarbonate cassettes.
Weight: 158g (5.6oz).
Diameter: 3.5” / 90mm

Snowbee Geo Cassette available in stock at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK